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Xander zinged with anticipation... impatiently waiting, his heart beating a thousand times a minute... Spike was alive... not dead, alive, or at least still un-dead and he was here in England.

"Xander, would you please desist you're pacing; before I'm forced to hurt you," Giles sighed.

"Sorry, what time is it?" Xander asked, not very apologetic, because didn't Giles realise that Spike was *here*, that Xander would finally see him again.

"Exactly three minutes since the last time you asked, the sun has only just set, it is at least a forty minute drive from the docks, now sit!" Giles instructed.


"Spike, do you want to slow down?" Angel asked.

"No, I want to get there al-bloody-ready," Spike said, pushing even harder on the acceleration peddle.

"I'm sure Xander would like you in one piece much better than a few dozen, slow down," Angel insisted, smiling ruefully despite himself.

Spike considered it for a moment, then did as instructed... he hated to admit it, but Angel was right, not that he'd ever *tell* him that. Not in a millennium of Sundays.

His stomach was in knots, if he'd had a pulse he was sure it would have been beating right out of his chest, but even without one, the blood in his body was thrumming with anticipation, he hadn't seen his lover in so long... impatience won over common sense as Spike increased speed again, not as much, but enough to take the edge of the expectancy that was currently driving him crazy.


Angel carefully extracted himself from the car when it came to a screeching holt outside the Giles family home, he was barely out of the car and Spike was already half way towards the front door.

The door swung violently open and the shadow of Xander Harris appeared in the light shinning from the hallway.

Spike paused.

Xander paused.

They stood, watching, looking and trying to determine if this was real.

The anticipation that had been boiling within them both all day came to a head and they fell together, arms wrapping around the other tightly, lips clashing together with need.

It was a claiming kiss, a kiss that rang with desperation, passion and of the long hours... days, weeks and months they had waited to be here, to be together again.

Tongues spared, pushing each other back and forward, trying to grab every single precious taste and feeling within the others mouths, like it could make up for the time apart.

The hot warm tang off blood leaked into Spike's mouth, the fervour of the kisses causing a slight tear in Xander's lips that Spike gladly swiped with his tongue.

Spike didn't need to breathe, but Xander did and Spike could *feel* the need for air his lover had, even as the dark haired man fought to hold the kiss, to keep the sizzling connection like he was afraid if it ever ended Spike would disappear again.

"Easy pet," Spike murmured, forcing himself to slow down the kiss, until it ended, with a final suck on his human lovers cut lip.

"I missed you," Xander gasped desperately, clutching tightly at Spike's coat.

"Me too love," Spike said softly, kissing the stubble covered jaw of his lover, "me too."

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