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Ianto smiled, watching Jack from the door way as he acquainted himself with one of the neighbours many cats. "He'll expect you out here every morning now, he'll mewl 'til you come," Ianto told him with a smile.

"He's a sweet cat," Jack shrugged.

"His name is Tomin," Ianto said. "Belongs to Mrs. Norris, next door, her granddaughter named him."

Jack smiled. "What time is it?"

"A little after eight, I thought I'd make breakfast, if your hungry," Ianto said. "Mrs. Norris brought some eggs from her chickens over yesterday when she got the shopping for us."

"Sounds good," Jack gave the cat a parting scratch behind the ear and stood, walking into Ianto's personal space, pulling the younger man into his arms. "But I'm not hungry for food."

Ianto chuckled. "We just got out of bed Jack," he reminded coyly.

"Who said anything about a bed," Jack smirked. "There's a perfectly good patch of grass over there."

Ianto rolled his eyes. "My parents still call Mrs. Norris every second Sunday Jack; I am not letting her catch us having sex in the yard."

"Spoilsport," Jack said, eyes twinkling with mischief. "What's the fun in a holiday in the countryside if we don't enjoy the outdoors."

"We enjoy it with our clothes on," Ianto said.

"Well that'll complicate things a bit, but if wouldn't be the first time I've shagged you fully dressed," Jack said, nuzzling Ianto gently.

Ianto shook his head. "Breakfast Jack... the kind with food, then we'll see about indulging your kinks."

"Pot and kettle Ianto," Jack said cheekily.

"My kinks have never involved being caught shagging by a woman who use to change my nappies," Ianto said.

"No, but you can't tell me you didn't enjoy it when Tosh caught us," Jack grinned.

"Not as much as she did," Ianto chuckled. "Breakfast Jack."

"Alright, alright, but do I at least get to shag you over the kitchen table?" Jack asked.

Ianto pulled him into a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue into Jack's mouth as his leg slid between Jack's, pressing against his quickly growing erection. "Who say's you'll be the one doing the shagging," Ianto murmured throatily as he released him.

Jack watched him walk into the house, a smirk growing on his face, he turned at the sound of a meow to see the cat plod off back towards the end of the yard and his owner, who was standing near the gate.

"Morning Mrs. Norris," Jack called out. Ianto's curse could be heard all the way from the kitchen.

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