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Story Notes:
Yeah alright, so this makes 3 Wes/Lorne fics, get over it... it's not *that* strange, he's kinda cute for being green.
Lorne smiled as he watched his new lover sleep... his pale human skin glowing softly in the early morning sunlight that streamed through the window.

Wesley looked so peaceful, all the troubles of the demon world he chose to inhabit washed away and he was content.

Lorne had never expected this to happen, but Wesley had looked at him the night before with such love shining in his eyes. Lorne had no doubts in accepting it, he was so happy, he thought would make his heart burst.

Lorne chanced a look at the clock, deciding that his time was up, they couldn't stay here forever, though it was a sorely tempting thought, but they never lacked for things to do and he knew he had to wake Wesley up.

Red lips kissed their way across Wesley's stubble covered jaw, towards the soft lips of his lover.

Wesley stirred gently, responding as Lorne kissed him, it was not the open mouthed passion of their first kiss, or the kisses that followed as they had driven each other to completion in the hours before dawn, but soft, gentle and with a tenderness, that as a watcher, Wesley had been taught was not possible in demons.

Lorne lovingly nibbled at Wesley's lips, soothing them with gently swipes of his tongue, but never entering the willing mouth under his own.

The kiss was endless, a moment caught in time, a promise of a forever both of them hoped they'd live to see...together.

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