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Jack sniffled miserably. "I'm dying."

"You can't die," Ianto said, tossing a handful of used tissues into the bin.

"I can, I just come back... might be permanent this time," Jack said.

Ianto chuckled. "It's a cold. Don't be such a baby."

"It's a horrible space virus that's going to kill me," Jack said.

"It's a cold. Gwen had it last week and she survived," Ianto said.

"Maybe it only kills men," Jack said.

"Maybe you're being overly dramatic and a big *baby*," Ianto said.

Jack pouted, but the effect was ruined when he started sneezing, grabbing another handful of tissues, that he toss into the table after he was done with them. Ianto rolled his eyes and dutifully threw them into the bin.

"I'll make you some tea," Ianto said, shaking his head as he headed towards the kitchen, trying not to laugh as Jack called after him, his voice rough from coughing to ask him to please add honey and a little lemon.


"Our fearless leader still alive then?" Owen asked.

"Are you sure we can't just drug him until it's over?" Ianto asked.

Owen shrugged. "We could, but where's the fun."

"The fun, would be in having peace and quiet," Ianto said.

"Oh come on Ianto, he just needs a bit of TLC, we all do when we're not feeling well," Tosh said.

"It's a cold," Ianto said.

"It's a bad one though, I felt awful when I had it last week," Gwen said.

"And yet you survived. You took down a Weevil in fact, in the middle of it," Ianto said.

"Yan... can I have some toast with my tea?" Jack's voice sounded in his ear.

Ianto sighed. "Of course Jack, I'll be right up with it."

"If you don't want to Ianto, I'll do it," Gwen offered.

"No, it's fine," Ianto said. "I'll do it. Aren't you three supposed to be working?"

"We're working... Tosh here was just about to run a scan for rift activity, maybe a cure for the common cold will fall through," Owen said, grinning.

Ianto snorted. "I wish."


"Tea, with lemon and honey and some lightly buttered toast," Ianto set the tray down.

"Thanks Yan..." Jack snuffled miserably.

Ianto smiled, shaking his head affectionately. "Come on, lets sit you up and once you've had your tea and toast, you can have another nap."

Jack nodded, struggling to sit up with the blankets piled high on top of him, until Ianto helped him. Jack tugged on Ianto's jacket, until he sat down beside him. "If I die, will you scatter my ashes somewhere nice?"

"I thought I'd just bury you in my backyard," Ianto said.

"Will you put flowers on my grave?" Jack said.

"Hmm... sure, any preferences?" Ianto asked.

"Maybe Roses..." Jack said. "Or Lilies."

"Maybe Dandelions," Ianto said.

Jack coughed. "Feeling the love."

Ianto wrapped his arm around Jack's shoulders, pulling him closer, kissing his forehead softly. "Drink your tea."


Later, Ianto sat, his head against the back of the sofa, Jack curled up with his head on Ianto's lap, while Ianto's fingers ran through his hair gently.

"I'm just heading off home," Tosh said quietly. "Anything you need before I go?"

"A crane, I don't think I'm going to be able to move him with anything less," Ianto said lightly.

"Owen is still here, if you need a hand," Tosh said.

"I think I will," Ianto said. "He's completely out of it."

Owen, grumbled through helping Ianto into the SUV with Jack, but didn't actually refuse, for which Ianto was grateful. Sleeping on the couch would not have been fun. Getting Jack from the SUV into his flat wasn't much fun either, but at least there was an elevator and his flat was right in front of it.

Jack barely seemed to wake up, as Ianto put him into bed and went for a shower. He woke, just enough to cuddle into Ianto's arms, when Ianto got into the bed. "Can I have daisies?" he murmured.

Ianto chuckled. "Pink and white."


"Morning!" Jack grinned at him, two days later, eyes bright, he was shower fresh and Ianto could smell coffee. His stomach rolled unpleasantly.

"Uggg... it can't be morning," Ianto whined, peaking out from beneath the sheets. His head was stuffy, his nose blocked and his throat ached.

"It's a little after six thirty," Jack said. "Come on, sleepy head, up and at 'em."

"Fuck off, Jack," Ianto said. "Some of us would like to die in peace."

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