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Story Notes:
How cute was that whole 'couple' squabble they had going on at the start of Children of Earth... seriously... so yeah, written after I'd seen CoE Day One, just a small drabble response that I'm going to say takes place after all 5 eps... canon can kiss my ass!
"So... a couple..." Ianto let out a shaky breath.

"A couple," Jack nodded.

"Are we..." Ianto paused. "Uh... sure?"

Jack smiled softly. "Pretty sure. May take some practice..."

"I like practice, practice makes perfect my Dad use to say," Ianto told him.

"Well then... practising... me and you... being a couple," Jack said. "Should be fun."

"Could be an unmitigated disaster," Ianto said.

Jack kissed him softly. "That's why we practice."

"Could take a lot of... practising," Ianto said.

"We've got plenty of time," Jack said.

Ianto nodded. "So definitely a couple then?"

Jack laughed. "Yes Ianto, definitely a couple."

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