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Story Notes:
This started out life as an innocent bit of fluff and then Jack lost his mind or maybe Ianto did... or maybe I did.
Jack rubbed a hand over the back of his neck, stiff with sitting too long. Ianto's shadow fell over his desk, almost like the younger man sensed his discomfort.

"I thought you'd gone home," Jack said, smiling when he looked up. Ianto had loosened his tie and opened the first couple of buttons on his shirt.

"I thought I'd let you clear up some of your paperwork," Ianto said, moving behind him, his sure fingers finding the sorest spots on Jack's neck.

"Oh..." Jack moaned softly, his head falling forward. "Damn you're good at that."

"I try," Ianto said. Jack could hear the smile in his voice. "Are you done for tonight?"

"Hmm, yeah," Jack said.

"Come home with me?" Ianto asked.

"Okay," Jack nodded, waiting for Ianto to step back before he stood up.

"I thought we'd stop for take out on the way," Ianto said, helping Jack slip his coat on.

"Anything but pizza," Jack said, chuckling.

"I was thinking we'd try that new Thai place along the bay, it's only a little out of our way," Ianto said.

"I could go for Thai," Jack smiled, turning around and pulling Ianto close to him, kissing him gently.

Ianto leaned into it, his fingers reaching up to catch in Jack's hair. "I'm just going to call Myfanawy back. I'll meet you upstairs," Ianto said.

Jack smiled, releasing Ianto, to retrieve their pet. One of these days, someone was really going to question a Pterodactyl flying over Cardiff. Of course, it hadn't happened yet.


Ianto's flat, wasn't that far from the hub. Originally, this was so he wasn't far from Lisa and it had remained handy, to be so close, both for work and for other less professional reasons.

The Thai place, was a couple of streets out of their way, but though the night was cool, it was dry and Jack found he quite enjoyed walking along the dark streets, late enough and cold enough that only a few people remained out and about.

Unable to resist, Jack reached out and took Ianto's hand. No one was watching, no one cared. In his time, no one would have looked twice, even if they'd noticed. The 21st century was different, but Jack did it anyway, thrilling when Ianto didn't snatch his hand back.

"I was thinking," Jack said.

"Don't strain yourself," Ianto said, smirking.

Jack laughed. "Cheeky. I was thinking, we should go away for a few days."

"Anywhere in particular in mind?" Ianto asked.

"I don't know," Jack shrugged. "I just thought it would be nice."

"It would," Ianto agreed. "I don't know if we could go far though, we'd need to be able to get back, if anything happened."

"I suppose," Jack huffed slightly. He hadn't been thinking about Torchwood.

"Jack," Ianto stopped walking, turning to face him. "Don't huff, it's unbecoming. You know I'm right."

"I'm not huffing. I may be pouting. I just want us to have a few days for ourselves. Me. You. A nice big bed. A months supply of lube. Maybe some of those..."

"Jack!" Ianto stopped him finishing that sentence, as an elderly woman walked past, giving them a stern look. Jack squeezed Ianto's hand tighter. "I'm not saying it's not a nice idea. But we have to be practical."

"Gwen wasn't thinking practically when she went to Paris with Rhys," Jack said.

"Gwen isn't our leader. And when she went, it was just her, if we go, that will leave the team two men short," Ianto said.

"I suppose," Jack agreed. "Do you have to be so practical?"

Ianto chuckled. "You like my practicality when it includes leaving lube in every corner of the hub. I'm not sure Owen has recovered from finding that tube with the coffee supplies."

Jack laughed. "Well, serves him right for going poking where he shouldn't be. We don't have to go far, I suppose."

"I'll look up some places online," Ianto said. "Find us somewhere nice. Maybe a holiday cottage. Maybe near a lake, we could go fishing."

"You fish?" Jack asked, as they started walking again.

"I use to, when I was younger. My Granddad use to take me, I was the middle child, not very exciting, but my Granddad doted on me, I caught my first fish when I was three," Ianto said.

"What size was it?" Jack asked.

"About four inches. When I was three, I thought that was very impressive," Ianto said.

Jack laughed. "You standards have increased somewhat."

"I think my standards are pretty lax actually," Ianto said, laughing as he released Jack's hand to enter the take out place. "After all, I didn't throw you back."

Jack smacked his arm and glared, leaning over to whisper, as the woman behind the counter looked at them oddly. "Later, I'm going to remind you just why that is."

Ianto gave him a raised eyebrow and a smirk, as he lowered his voice suggestively. "Of course... Sir. What would you like to eat?"


Ianto offered Jack and choice of wine, or beer with his food, retrieving plates and silverware, as Jack accepted the offer of wine. He knew Ianto only kept it in for nights like this, the young Welshman never drank wine when he was on his own, most of the time he didn't even drink it when he was with Jack, both of them preferring beer, but now and then it was nice to have a glass when they found time to just relax and enjoy a bit of peace together. It happened infrequently enough, they had to take full advantage when it did, that was part of the reason Jack wanted a few days away.

"You know, I've been thinking," Jack said.

"Always dangerous," Ianto deadpanned.

"I've been thinking..." Jack continued with a chuckle. "I've sort of outgrown the hub."

"The hub covers three city blocks of under ground tunnels on 12 levels, how can we possibly have outgrown it," Ianto said.

"Not *we*," Jack said. "*Me*. I think I need a place outside the hub."

"Oh. Yes, well it wouldn't hurt you to have somewhere away from the hub you could go to relax a bit in the evenings, or quiet days," Ianto nodded agreeably.

"No place too far away though, I'd need to be close and I don't need anything big, maybe just a small apartment, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette," Jack said.

"Not that you'd know what to do with it," Ianto said.

"I can cook," Jack said reasonably. "I just don't like to cook for one, it's no fun."

"Of course," Ianto said, smirking just a little.

"This place is a nice size, but it might be a little big for just me," Jack said. "I really don't have a lot of stuff."

"Except for your wardrobe, which could fill two flats this size," Ianto said.

"One and a half and I can leave most of that at the hub, it's not like I never have to change in the middle of the day," Jack said.

"That's true. If you'd like, I could put some calls into a few estate agents for you," Ianto offered.

Jack smiled. "You could, but I've already found a place I kinda like. Good size, close to the hub, nice views out onto the bay, friendly pub on the corner and already tastefully decorated... comes with a ready made, absolutely gorgeous flatmate."

"Huh," Ianto looked at him dumbly.

"If you don't mind of course, no pressure," Jack said.

"Did you fall and hit your head today Jack?" Ianto asked.

"No," Jack chuckled.

"Should I check under the bed for Pods?" Ianto asked.

"I don't think so, why?" Jack asked.

"Nevermind. Maybe we should have Owen examine you," Ianto suggested.

"Ianto, I don't need Owen to examine me, why would you think I do?" Jack said.

"Earlier you were suggesting a holiday, now your suggesting we move in together," Ianto said, his expression clearly suggestion Jack had finally lost his marbles.

"What's wrong with either of those things?" Jack asked, frowning.

"Nothing," Ianto said. "Nothing at all, for normal people but we... you... that is..."

Jack shrugged. "It's fine, it was just a suggestion Yan, if you don't want too..."

"Of course I bloody want too you wanker," Ianto said. "I just didn't think..."

"That I'd want too?" Jack finished, it wasn't really a question.


Jack smiled, reaching across the table to take Ianto's hand in his. "I'm not really good at relationships Ianto, sex I can do, but relationships... but while I was... away... I had a lot of time to think about all the things I could have done differently, should have done differently... and you were a big part of that. I'm never going to die, or if I do, it'll be so far into the future that the Earth will have long since turned to dust. I can't change that, but being away made me realise I can't just float along either. I have a life here and now, being alive isn't anything if I'm not living. Hell I've told Gwen often enough to hold onto her life but I... I want to do the normal things people do. To go on holiday, to go home at night with my lover and watch bad movies on overpriced cable channels, to argue about who's turn it is to do laundry, or who forgot to put the cat out..."

"We don't have a cat," Ianto said.

"I want a cat," Jack said.

Ianto snorted. "You have lost your mind haven't you?"

"Maybe," Jack said. "Want to loose it with me?"

"We're not getting a cat, it's bad enough having to clean up after Myfanawy," Ianto said. "And it's always going to be my turn to do the laundry, because you dyed three of my shirts last time you tried."

"Is that a yes then?" Jack asked.

"I'm still not entire sure what the question was, but you know I can't say no to you," Ianto said.

Jack grinned, leaning over the table to kiss Ianto, licking sauce from the corner of his mouth. "It was can I move in here, but really I think it might have been can I spend the rest of your life with you."

"Oh God, now your proposing marriage? I'm calling Owen," Ianto said.

Jack laughed. "He can be one of the bridesmaids."

"As long as you're the bride," Ianto said.

"You have the legs for it," Jack grinned.

"I'm not wearing a fucking dress Jack," Ianto said.

"But you will marry me?" Jack confirmed.

"I... did I actually just agree to that?" Ianto asked.

"Sounded like it," Jack said.

"Maybe I should have Owen check my head," Ianto said.

"If you don't want too..."

"Would you stop being such a pillock, I want to, I just didn't expect... I'm not entirely sure you really haven't lost your mind," Ianto said.

"Maybe," Jack said agreeably.

"I'm not entirely sure I really haven't lost my mind," Ianto said.

Jack grinned. "That'd be a pity; I like some of the wicked things it comes up with."

"We just went from holiday, to living together, to marriage in less than half an hour, we must have lost our minds," Ianto said.

"But we're still saying yes to all of the above?" Jack asked.

"Yes, yes, we're still saying yes," Ianto agreed.

"Would this be a good time for me to remind you why you didn't throw me back in the water?" Jack asked grinning cheekily.

Ianto stared at him. "You're still you."

"Who else would I be?" Jack asked.

"Some crazy alien trying to take over the universe through mind control and driving innocent teaboy's insane," Ianto suggested.

"You're much more than just a teaboy Ianto," Jack's smile softened.

"You're enjoying fucking with my mind aren't you?" Ianto asked.

"I'd rather fuck with your body," Jack said. "Make sure neither one of us can wear white on our wedding day."

"We couldn't wear it now," Ianto said.

"Best to make sure," Jack grinned.

"God, you're impossible," Ianto said.

"I've been told," Jack said.

Ianto gave in, laughing as Jack moved around the table and straddled him. "I'm never going to survive you Jack Harkness."

Jack nuzzled along his jaw. "You and the rest of the universe... but spend this lifetime with me."

"I already said yes Jack," Ianto said.

"Say it again," Jack murmured against his ear.

"Yes, Jack." Ianto said. "I love you."

Jack leant back to look at him, smiling brightly. "I love you too. Are you sure we can't get a cat?"


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