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Story Notes:
Set after Doctor Who S4 - obviously now AU.
Mickey recognises him, in that slightly odd way he remembers from the first time he crossed to the alternate universe. He's Ianto Jones, but not quite as Mickey knew him.

Jack draws Ianto into a hug and kisses him, shamelessly coping a feel as he does and Mickey has to suppress a snort. The Ianto Jones he knew would have blushed bright red and run for the archives if someone... anyone... had done that to him. This Ianto kisses Jack back with equal fervour and gives him a look that is love and joy and the slightly hint of chiding, before asking if he's going to introduce their new guest.

Jack laughs. "Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, meet Mickey Mouse."

"Smith," Mickey corrects, but doesn't bother to glare. "Mickey Smith."

Gwen welcomes him with a friendly smile and although Ianto is a little more guarded, he is not impolite, as he asks if anyone would like coffee.

"God yes please Ianto, I've missed your coffee," Martha answers, giving the welsh man a hug of her own and a soft kiss on the cheek.

Mickey answers in the affirmative as well and Ianto takes note of his preference for milk and one sugar before vanishing.

"The whole planets in an uproar, but Cardiff didn't sustain too much damage, all things considered we got of pretty lightly. The PD are out in force trying to keep order until everything gets settled and they'll call us if they find anything suspicious, but so far, things are deceptively calm, given that the planet just moved," Gwen reported to Jack as they waited for their coffee.

Ianto returned as they took seats on the battered old couch and passed out coffee to everyone, taking his own and standing as close to Jack as he could, without actually touching him.

"We had a... visitor..." Mickey sees the similarities between this Ianto and the one he knew even more closely at this point. The effortless mask that slips onto his face, not a single emotion slipping through. "It blew up, but we'll need to make sure it's fully dismantled, I've stored it in one of the containment cells for now."

Jack blanches visibly. "A Dalek got into the hub?"

"Tosh saved us," Gwen answers quietly.

"Her time lock program," Ianto adds. "I didn't think she'd finished it, but apparently so."

Jack takes a moment to take this information in and although he expects it, no flippant remark is forthcoming.

Mickey looks at him and it's almost like the feeling he gets looking at Ianto. A man he knows but doesn't quite. It's stranger than he'd prepared to admit.

"We're fine," Ianto adds after another moment, giving a gentle squeeze to Jack's arm that he supposes reassures the other man, because Jack nods and offers a slight smile.

"Right then, first order of business, dismantle that Dalek and make sure the rift isn't going to explode on us," Jack is all business. "Mickey Mouse, you still know your way around a computer?"

Mickey wonders if that's something akin to a job offer, at least temporarily and thinks maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was.

This Ianto may not be the same Ianto Jones he knew and Jack Harkness may also be different in ways he hasn't quite worked out, but essentially, he knows these people, knows they are good people. And he's gotten use to working with good people. He'll get use to the differences, just as he did when he first crossed over to the other world.

"Better than you do Captain Cheesecake," Mickey answers with little hesitation.

"It's Beefcake," Jack tells him.

Ianto blinks momentarily and then snorts, the sound growing into a proper laugh as Jack glares at both of them.

Mickey laughs too and before long even Jack himself is laughing.

Maybe it will be easier to get use to the differences than he thought.

They might even be improvements.

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