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Story Notes:
We all need our own little reasons for why Jack didn't retcon Rhys and Gwen both.
"Why didn't you retcon Rhys yourself?" Ianto asked him, sitting across from him, after everything is quiet and Owen and Toshiko have busied themselves with something Jack assumes is work related.

Jack looked up from his desk, from the papers strewn there. "Because Gwen was right. I told her to hold onto that life, but everyday I've been pulling her further away from it, asking her to lie to him."

"You were testing her," Ianto said.

Jack smiled wryly. "Maybe... Come on, lets get out of here, lets... go... somewhere."

"I have work to finish up," Ianto said.

"Leave it. Please Yan, lets just... I just want to spend sometime with you," Jack said.

"If you suggest Ice Cream, I'm going to take great offence," Ianto said.

"Even if I include chocolate sauce?" Jack leered.

"Jack..." Ianto rolled his eyes.

"Lets just... see where we end up," Jack said.

"I'll get my jacket," Ianto said, standing.

"Yan... Ianto... I'm not in love with Gwen," Jack said.

"I know," Ianto chuckled. "I'm not jealous Jack. We all have our little roles; I understand why you need Gwen."

Jack swallowed. "You didn't exactly stick to your assigned role... just wouldn't stay in that neat little box..."

Ianto shrugged. "Neither did you."

"I want what Gwen has. I want to have a life outside this damn place... with you..." Jack said.

"All you had to do was ask, Jack," Ianto said, reaching out to stroke Jack's cheek, where he sat. Jack leaned into it, dropping his head forward to rest against Ianto's stomach.

"I love you..." Jack murmured softly, barely loud enough for Ianto to hear.

"I love you too," Ianto said, running his fingers through Jack's hair. "Come on, come home with me."

"Just give me a few minutes, I'll meet you outside," Jack said, standing, right in Ianto's personal space, he leaned forward to kiss him softly. "Gonna get a change of clothes together."

"Get a few..." Ianto told him.

Jack smiled widely. "Okay. Lets say... five minutes..."

Ianto pulled his ever ready stopwatch out, returning Jack's grin. "Five minutes and counting."

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