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It's the anticipation, the moment before the kiss that leaves me breathless, every time.

He looks at me, brown eyes so full of love, deep and dark, hiding secrets, but in that one moment they are so open, like I can read his soul.

And then they close, slowly flickering, so I can feel them against my face, butterfly light, they tickle but I never shy away, not as he gets closer as his face turns up towards me and finally his lips meet mine soft and tender, perfect... the anticipation is lost, but it will still take long minutes, even after his pulls away, before I regain my breath, before I find myself able to speak, able to whisper softly against his cheek...

"I love you Lucas."


It's the anticipation, the moment before the kiss that leaves me breathless every time.

He looks at me, green eyes full of love and hope, his guards fall and I can read every though in his mind, see right into his soul.

I almost can't bear to look as my own eyes drift closed, but they flicker, unwilling to stop looking, even as it almost hurts, until my lips touch his and time stops, my heart catches in my chest and I feel like I might burst with all the emotions coursing through me... the anticipation I felt is almost gone, but it's stab was so sharp, like sitting on a knifes edge that some small part of it still lingers as we separate, as I hear him, soft against my cheek, telling me he loves me and I reply the one way I can...

"I love you too Joe."

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