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Story Notes:
Written for Martin.
"You know, I think you have a grey hair," Lucas said thoughtfully, running his fingers through Joe's hair.

"I do not," Joe said, frowning at the figures on the screen before him. "And if I do, it's probably your fault."

"How is it my fault?" Lucas asked.

"Trouble magnet is your middle name Lucas, it's a wonder I haven't had a heart attack before now, let alone a grey hair."

Lucas chuckled, "I am not a trouble magnet. Well, maybe sometimes."

Joe hit send at last satisfied with the figures he was sending to his lawyer and turned around. "You're a trouble magnet," Joe said. "But you do have the puppy dog look down pat, so you get away with most things."

"I didn't know that was why I got away with things," Lucas said. "I thought it was..."

Joe rolled his eyes. "Not while we're working."

"But you're not working, you're finished," Lucas grinned. "And I'm the night manager; my shift doesn't start for another three and a half hours."

"We're at work," Joe said.

"Yes, but not actually working," Lucas said, sliding onto Joe's lap comfortably.

"Lucas..." Joe's tone was warning, but his hands automatically snaked around Lucas waist, holding him in place.

Lucas grinned, leaning forward to kiss Joe softly, teasing little pecks that he knew only too well would drive Joe mad. Joe growled low in his throat, one hand sliding up his back to catch in Lucas' hair and pull him more forcefully against him, deepening the kisses, stroking his tongue against lips that opened willingly as Lucas rubbed tauntingly against Joe, grinding their groins together even in their awkward position.

"Brat," Joe growled softly when he paused for breath.

Lucas laughed. "Does that mean you don't want to me drop to my knees and..."

The office door rattled as it was pushed open without concern for it's inhabitants. "Joe... God don't you two ever stop? There's a customer out here demanding to see the manager, apparently he doesn't want to talk to some 'punk kid'... of course, he didn't say *which* manager," Warren grinned.

Joe groaned shifting in his seat as Lucas lifted himself gracefully from his lap, no sign of the erection Joe knew he had been sporting a second ago; unfortunately, Joe's own was not so willing to simply go away.

"I'll go," Lucas said, straightening his hair.

"Don't go all Mr. Cryptic on the customers," Joe warned.

Lucas grinned. "Would I do that?"

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