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Watcher training was okay and Giles was pretty cool, under all the Britishness, but now and then Andrew just needed a break. The little cafe was close enough to the new Watchers Council headquarters to keep Giles from grumbling but far enough away to get some peace.

He was sitting, reading the first book he'd read in weeks that wasn't about vampires and demons – alright, it was about aliens, which wasn't much more normal, he'd never met an alien, so he was okay with that – drinking a mocha, when his mocha ended up in his lap along with a dark haired guy around his own age.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" the guy babbled, jumping up like he'd been the one scaled with hot coffee.

"It's fine," Andrew said, mopping at his lap ineffectually with his napkin.

"I'm really, really..." the guy suddenly stopped when Andrew looked up, prepared to wave him off and extract himself to find some clean trousers – and make sure he didn't have second degree burns.



It was... they both froze, unsure what to say. They hadn't talked in... maybe two years, three... a friendship struck up in conspiracy websites on the Internet when they were both teenagers, years of chatting and webcams – and other teenage boy typed activities – and they'd promised to keep in touch but hadn't, not after Andrew got more involved with Warren.

Andrew thought of Connor as his first love, although they'd never actually met in person...

"I... can't believe it's you..." Connor said. "What are you doing in England?"

"Work," Andrew said. "I... new job, researcher, it's... I... it's not terribly exciting... I was just taking a break..." he makes a vague motion towards the empty coffee cup.

"Oh... okay... can I get you more coffee? I... well maybe not now, you're soaked... I'm really, really sorry about that..." Connor repeated.

Andrew smiled a little. "It's okay... I'd like to get coffee though, tomorrow? If you're free?"

"You bet, totally, very, I mean, yes, I'm free... for... for coffee..." Connor said. "Here?"

"Same time?" Andrew offered.

Connor smiled. "Okay... tomorrow then, I promise not to spill any more coffee on you."

Andrew laughed, more nervously than he'd have liked. "Tomorrow..." he agreed.

He couldn't help glancing back at Connor as he left the cafe. Even from five thousand miles away he'd once fallen in love with Connor Temple. He wondered if Connor had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, Connor had gone both ways – in as much as he'd gone anyway at the time, when the only real experience either of them had was watching each other jerk off through the webcam.

He'd ask. Tomorrow he'd ask. Andrew was smiling as he walked down the road towards the council, ignoring the odd looks the wet patch brought him; at least he would have been ignoring them, if he'd been aware of them at all.

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