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It was late, but Lucas was still awake, sitting on the roof of Empire, Lucas could spend hours just looking at the stars. When he was younger, still young enough for his mother to enjoy being a mother, they'd lie together on the roof of their apartment building watching the stars... she would make up stories with dragons and magic and Lucas would listen, wide eyed with awe. They are still the best memories of his life PJ... Pre-Joe.

"I thought I'd find you here," Joe said, sitting down beside him.

"Couldn't sleep," Lucas told him.

"So you thought you'd drive across town, climb up here and..." Joe trailed off a question.

"Once upon a time, there was a young Prince, his father the King...." Lucas started to tell the story.

Joe listened, curling up around him, warming them both against the chill of the night air,

"My mom made that story up when I was a kid, she use to tell me a lot of stories," Lucas said when he'd finished.

"I wondered where you got your imagination from," Joe said, teasing gently.

"I was happy then... before everything changed and I thought I'd never be happy again," Lucas said quietly, looking at the stars and back down at Joe.

"Are you happy now Lucas?" Joe asked.

Lucas smiled softly. "Yes. For a long time I thought I couldn't be, but then you loved me and the world fell into place."

"Sap," Joe said, his eyes damp.

"Yeah... but I'm a happy sap," Lucas smiled.

"Me too Lucas, me too," Joe told him, drawing him into a sweet kiss, they sat together and watched the stars, until the sun came up.

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