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Joe chuckled as AJ turned red under the mistletoe, Gina kissing him senseless and Joe was willing to bet it was with tongue.

"Put him down Gina, you don't know where he's been," Joe said, laughing as AJ spluttered indignantly.

"Oh I think we do," Gina smirked over at Corey, who blushed as brightly as her boyfriend.

"Remind me why we came home for Christmas?" AJ asked.

"Because I told you I'd hunt you down as castrate you if you didn't," Deb answered, smirking.

"Oh yes, now I remember," AJ said, rolling his eyes.

"Where are Lucas and Warren?" Corey asked.

"They'll be here, Lucas has been sneaking around for weeks planning something," Deb said

"Something?" Corey looked vaguely concerned.

"I tried to beat it out of him; the only one he's told is Warren. Tried to beat it out of him too, but he wasn't telling," Deb said, looking annoyed. No sooner has she spoken that a squeal was heard as Warren ran into the room, hiding behind the couch.

"I'm going to get you," Lucas promised, entering behind him stopping at the door.

"Joe tell him not to kill me," Warren begged.

"Oh no, you're on your own," Joe laughed.

"Gina?" Warren looked pleadingly.

"You run, I'll distract him," Gina said, smirking as she grabbed Lucas.

"Wha..." Lucas tried to speak but he was cut short when Gina kissed him. Joe watched at first with amusement, because Lucas looked like a goldfish, but then he watched Lucas' arms go around Gina's waist as he dipped her, taking control of the kiss. Joe had to bite his lip to keep from snarling.

Everyone else was laughing and cheering, but even as she let out a wolf whistle, Deb gave him a knowing look. Damn. And the day had been going so well too.

He wasn't sure when he'd fallen in love with Lucas, but he realised around Lucas' 22nd birthday. Corey and AJ had gone off to school and Lucas was talking about visiting them for his birthday and Joe had looked at him and he wasn't sure why, but he realized perhaps for the first time, that Lucas wasn't a kid anymore, hadn't been in a long time.

Joe hadn't been able to come to terms with it at first, but somehow, Deb had known, almost as soon as Joe had and she'd dragged him kicking and screaming into a place where he could accept his feelings for Lucas. He'd never acted on them though, even if Debs did keep pushing him to tell Lucas how he felt.

When Lucas eventually released Gina, he smirked at her dazed expression and bowed to the audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen the show shall be repeated every two hours of the holiday season," he said, giggling.

Joe grumbled thought the gift giving, smiled tightly at the gag gifts everyone had gotten him and then gave a genuine grin when they unveiled the brand new drum kit they'd gotten him, but as soon as he could, he slipped away.

"Jealously doesn't become you Joe," Deb said, having hunted him down to the roof.

"I'm not jealous," Joe lied, badly.

"And I'm a chirpy Christmas elf. *Tell him*," Deb said.

Joe sighed. "He's straight Deb and even if he wasn't, he's... I'm too old for him."

"You're not old Joe," a new voice said. Joe spun around startled, Lucas was there. *Fuck*

"Debra, Berko is looking for you," Lucas said.

"I'll be down stairs," Debs said, giving Joe a reassuring look.

Joe wanted to say something, to explain, but he didn't know what to say, maybe he could say he was jealous because he liked Gina, but Lucas was too intelligent to believe that.

"It's okay Joe, I've known for a while," Lucas smiled at him.

"I didn't... I'd never act... on it," Joe said, feeling ridicules, stumbling over words like a teenager.

"Pity," Lucas said. Joe opened his mouth dumbly.

"You know how long I've wanted you?" Lucas asked. "So long, I thought you'd never catch on, can't believe it took you so long..." Lucas smiled softly, looking at Joe, stalking towards Joe until he was right on top of him.

"Lucas..." Joe's mouth felt dry, Lucas was so close.

"I'm going to kiss you now," Lucas told him, leaning in and doing just that, tender brushes of lips against lips, a soft wet tongue slipping out, teasing until Joe opened his mouth and Lucas swept in, the kiss turning from soft and tender to deep and passionate and back until for a moment, Joe couldn't remember what it felt like not to be kissing Lucas.

"I love you Joe," Lucas murmured.

Joe nodded. "Me too... I love you."

Lucas grinned. "I know... So you were jealous huh?" Lucas asked.

"I wasn't jealous," Joe defended, his arms still wrapped around Lucas' waist.

"Guess next time I'll have to kiss AJ..." Lucas said.

Joe growled. "The hell you will..."

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