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Mal sat at the console on Serenity's 'bridge'. It was normally Wash's station, but Mal had ordered him to take a break, and go see his wife... Mal needed a distraction, and this was as good as anything.

He liked flying Serenity... it was... it was flying... it was like no other feeling in the 'verse... save the one he was currently trying to distract himself from.


Mal sighed... this was why he was hear, distraction... and avoidance.

"I'm busy." Mal replied automatically.

"Your staring out the window... Serenity is flying herself." Simon says, forcing Mal to turn and look at him.

"We can't ignore this Mal."

"We can't DO this either... I'm the Captain I..."

Simon stopped him.

Soft fingers on his lips.

"We already ARE doing this Mal" Simon said gently.

Mal sighed as Simon leaned in, pressing soft lips against the stubble covered flesh of his jaw.

"Simon..." Mal choked out.

"Let me Mal... let me make you fly." Simon whispered the words so gently, just before he took Mal's mouth in a tender kiss.

Mal could smell the clean-fresh scent of Simon beside him, and as much as he wanted to resist when Simon pushed forward, begging entry into Mal's mouth, the Captain of Serenity capitulated

Simon kissed him gently, but forcefully. Mal knew he could easily stop it, push the other man back, but as the talented tongue teased over his lips, into his mouth.

Mal could taste mint on the tongue in his mouth... mint... and... and Simon. A taste so unbelievably Simon it almost hurt.

Simon continued to tease Mal's lips, letting his tongue retreat, and encouraging Mal to follow him back into his own mouth, practically sitting on Mal's lap as Mal did follow him back, and their tongues duelled, getting fiercer with ever second the kiss lasted, until air became a major issue

"Oh Gawd... Simon... I..."

Simon waited patiently, still sitting on Mal's lap... breathing heavily, his fingers gently held against the side of Mal's neck.

"Make me fly..." Mal managed to murmur... even though his mind was a complete wash-out.


Wash was back at Serenity's helm within half an hour... and no one saw Mal or Simon for the rest of the day... but when Christmas came around, more than one strange look came their ways when Mal handed Simon a mocked up pilots licence... fortunately... or perhaps unfortunately, neither of them were sure, River was more than happy to explain...

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