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Story Notes:
I don't watch QaF, hence, you'll find no real plot here. Written for Jo and Sarah, 'cause apparently I can't help myself.
Rodney looked into bright green eyes, so similar to John's and yet so different. They held the same bitter edge, the same pain and conflict, but there was something in them that he'd never seen in John's no matter how often he'd looked... desire... desire for him.

The lips were soft, the tongue tangling around his own, skilled, self-assured, not an inch was given as his mouth was plundered, his body pressed back against the wall firmly, hands tracing down over the soft skin of his sides, making him wriggle against the warm body holding him still.

"That tickles," Rodney manages to gasp softly when the mouth moves to his jaw, nibbling and biting softly.

Brian smirks and scraped short nails against soft flesh. Rodney whimpers and melts into another fevered kiss without further comment.

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