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Story Notes:
Really, no idea where this came from, no excuses at all, other than that it popped into my head and the next minute it was written... woops.
"When Simon died we all worried... River was getting better, but she was still so fragile... still so young... or so I always thought, in fact she took it better almost than the rest of us did.

She still had her off-days but mostly she was becoming quite the asset, her mind was of great use to us in our criminal planning's, first job she planned that we pulled of, she was so pleased... Simon likely wouldn't have been, he asked me to look after her and I gave my word I would, and I've always tried to, but I still got a ship to keep running and a crew to feed.

Not rightly sure how it came to be as it did, but it did at any rate.

Most of the crew were surprised... can't blame 'em, I was fair surprised myself.

Inara left, I guess I miss her, but I'm kinda glad she went, it wouldn't have been easy her being around, not very easy without her, it'd be worse with her.

I wonder sometimes what Simon might think about it... my guess is he wouldn't be rightly pleased... River insists he'd be happy she was happy, so we mostly leave it to that.

We married on some little moon in the middle of no-where, Book did the necessaries... it was a nice bit of preaching I guess, gave him an excuse to put his bible to good use anyways. Irony of ironies, he was the only one who initially accepted things as they were, the others... even Jayne, had a go at me for 'taking advantage'... course River put them down pretty quick.

"I'm not a child and I'm perfectly capable of making my own choices about who I do and don't want to be with, I choose to be with Mal, and any of you that call yourselves my friends with accept that and be happy for us!"

There was more, but some of it got fair and colourful so I'll refrain from telling you all of it.

When River first told me she was pregnant, well I couldn't believe my ears, I mean, pregnant, we were gonna be parents... I nearly died off from shock.

Course ZoŽ and Wash already had a babe on board, which is why we'd taken to more honest work, or when we were doing the criminal bit, using the shuttles as often as possible.

I remember the day my son was born like it was yesterday... he was so tiny, so perfect.

Simon Reynolds.

It was something River insisted on and I was more than pleased to go along with.

She's a stubborn women anyway, wouldn't do for me to go against her too often, I'd end up sleeping on the sofa.

Our second child was born planet side, we'd finally settled when Simon was three. ZoŽ and Wash had left, Book, Jayne, only Kaylee was left so I handed her the deeds to Serenity and River and I went planet side.

She hadn't had to hide in quite a few years, not since the reformation of the alliance.

Serenity was the name River gave our daughter... I think it's kinda weird myself, but she likes it, so who am I to argue?

We..." Mal found himself interrupted.

"Mal not again, honestly, Katie, it's time for bed," River said.

"Awww but grandpa was telling me a story," Little Katie Reynolds moaned.

"And it's one you've heard at least a hundred times before, come on, bed," River insisted.

"Spoil sport," Mal complained.

"She has school tomorrow, Simon will skin your hide if she isn't in bed when he gets home from the hospital. Now you go wash up as well, I'll make you some supper," River said.

"Yes ma'am," Mal said getting up and bowing with a flourish and slapping River's behind playfully as he headed to the bathroom.

"Grandma?" Katie asked poking her head back around the living room door.

"Yes Katie?" River replied turning around to look at her granddaughter.

"Grandpa said he doesn't know how come you two became together, do you know?" the little girl asked curiously.

River smiled.

"Never much questioned it, no need to question what's right... now go on, bed," River insisted giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Night grandma, night grandpa!" Katie shouted through to Mal.

"Got ourselves a curious little lady there," Mal commented as he came out of the bathroom.

"Got it from her Grandfather," River said with a smile when Mal pulled her to him.

"Oh is that so... I thought she got it from her Grandma," Mal said grinning cheekily.

He was older now, and he looked it, but he still had that same cheeky grin, and those same beautiful eyes. River smiled and kissed him.

It wasn't a couple anyone had expected... but it worked for them, and just like she'd told Katie, there is no need to question what's right.

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