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Story Notes:
Written for lucifers_toy, with the prompt 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Which I think I failed at horribly... but there is at least a mention of it in there...
Tony flicked idly through his DVD collection... "Rain Man, Rambo, Risky Business, Road House, Rocky Horror... definitely not," Tony muttered to himself, closing the cabinet door, maybe a movie wasn't the way to go.

"You know Kate's going to bring that movie in tomorrow," Tim's voice startled him.

"It's a good movie," Tony said, trying not to look surprised, trying to seem entirely at ease.

"You're not even going to ask how I got in?" Tim asked.

"Naw Probie that's easy, spare key under the step," Tony grinned, walking towards the kitchen. "You want a beer?"

"Tony..." Tim sounded exasperated.

"Yes Probie?"

"God sometimes... I was worried okay, I came over to see how you were, because I was worried," Tim said.

Tony sobered, dropping his trademark smirk. "I'm fine McGee, little bored, I was thinking of getting some take out, maybe read a book."

"Chinese?" Tim asked.


"You have a chess board right?" Tim said.

"No, no way... I am not playing chess with you," Tony said.

"I'll go easy on you," Tim promised.

"Still not happening Probie," Tony said, drawing himself closer to Tim, standing up to his full height, which still wasn't that intimidating when Tim obviously had the advantage of bulk.

"Strip Chess. Looser has to pose for a picture that will be displayed publicly at work," Tim said, betting that Tony wouldn't pass up the chance to publicly humiliate him.

"Oh I think I have a better idea for what the looser can do Probie..." Tony said. Eyes bright with teasing.

Tim gulped softly. "Yeah?"

"Yup... a much better idea..." Tony murmured, pressing himself closer, so close his could feel Tim's heart beating against his chest, feel the hardness in Tim's pants answering his own.

"Uh... oh..." Tim sighed as Tony rubbed against him teasingly.

"So... black or white?" Tony asked.

"Wha?" Tim blinked.

"Chess McGee..."

"Um... bla...black..." Tim stuttered as Tony nibbled at his neck.

"Good choice. Boards in the back of my closet, I'll order the food," Tony stepped back, leaving them both feeling a little cold.

"I... okay..." Tim tried to regain his equilibrium, walking towards the bedroom when Tony stopped him from behind.

"I plan to win Probie... I want you on your knees for me begging me to fuck you..." Tony whispered in his ear, biting the lobe gently.

When Tim turned around it was as if Tony hadn't been there at all, he'd vanished into the kitchen. Tim thought maybe he could stand too loose a game or two.

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