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Gibbs pulled into his drive way tiredly, it was Christmas morning, almost afternoon really and they'd been working well into the night, before he'd sent his team home. He locked up the car, taking a few moments to take in his street. Twinkling Christmas lights were everywhere, except his own house. Not that he didn't like Christmas, but it seemed a waste to put so much effort in when no one but himself would see it or care. Gibbs grinned to himself softly as he watched next doors reindeer shine brightly on the lawn. It was nice to see, even if he didn't go in for that sort of thing himself.

Finally certain everything was as it should be; Gibbs let himself into his house, stopping just inside the front door. Someone was there... he could sense it, even before he entered the living room, blinking in quiet surprise. Someone had broken in and... decorated... there was a tree in one corner and twinkling lights hanging off various pieces of furniture, even tinsel strung over his television, the television he'd finally relented to buying when Tony stayed with him after he caught the plague.

"Surprise!" Abby jumped out at him, followed by Tony, McGee, Ducky, Jenny and even Ziva. Gibbs was certain his face was picture worthy. "Happy Christmas boss-man," Abby grinned brightly. Gibbs took a moment to process, before he returned her smile, making Abby smile all the brighter and throw herself into his arms for a hug.

"You like?" Abby asked.

"It's nice Abs, but I thought you all had plans," Gibbs said.

"Plans to spend Christmas with family Gibbs... we're all family," Abby told him insistently. Gibbs knew better than to argue and besides the thought left him with a warm feeling in his gut.

Gibbs let his home be over run, Abby and Jenny like children... and wasn't that a sight, oh how fun it would be to bribe the director of NCIS with embarrassing holiday pictures, because with Ducky and his trusty camera there were bound to be some. Food was eaten, presents were ripped open with glee and Abby forced them all into singing Christmas carols, before the night was through. Gibbs let it all wash over him, a sense of peace and dare he think it, joy.

"Hey boss," Tony said, later, when the night was winding into a peaceful silence and the others had found a comfortable place to sleep leaving the two of them the last ones up.

"Yeah Tony?" Gibbs said, turning to face the younger man.

"Happy Christmas," Tony murmured, as he surprised Gibbs with a gentle kiss.

Gibbs watched him, considering for a moment, as Tony looked back, eyes filled with worry. "Yeah, it is," Gibbs finally agreed with a soft smile, "It is."

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