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Tony stared forlornly at the image on the screen, his baby all burnt up. "You gonna keep staring at that DiNozzo?" Gibbs voice was guff and weary but there was a hint of something that made Tony smile, something no one else would have noticed... affection.

"That car was my baby Gibbs," Tony said. "And they blew her up."

"Just be glad they didn't blow you up in it," Gibbs said and Tony recognised the genuine fear that hitched slightly when he spoke, another thing no one else, not even Ziva with all her precious Mossad training would have recognised.

"Yeah, I know," Tony gave a shrug and a grin, grabbing his pack as he flicked off the image on the screen. "I think I'll head out, night boss."

Gibbs didn't reply, but then Tony didn't really expect him too.


Gibbs wasn't surprised to find lights on when he arrived home, or the rental car parked in his drive, luckily, he'd been prepared and he grabbed the bag from the passenger seat before he went in.

Tony was sprawled on the couch, one leg dangling off the side, arms limp at his sides, eyes only half open on the TV he'd insisted Gibbs get three months into their relationship. Gibbs smiled, he'd never admit it, but occasionally, he'd watch it when Tony wasn't there. He'd never admit it, but he was pretty sure Tony knew anyway.

"Hey Boss," Tony grinned.

"Get your lazy ass of my couch DiNozzo," Gibbs growled half heartedly. "I bring you home a surprise and I find out lounging around like a hobo."

Tony laughed and sat up eyes wide and moving gracefully, like he hadn't just be sprawled loose limbed and half asleep. "What's my surprise?" he asked, trademark grin on his face, just shy of being cocky.

Gibbs rolled his eyes and dropped the non-descript brown paper bag on the coffee table in front of him, Tony's eyes lit up when he saw what was inside.

"You went to O'Connell's!" Tony grinned ear to ear with glee, pulling the pint sized tub from the bag. O'Connell's had what Tony had termed the best ice cream on the planet, all fresh, home made and the owner, a beautiful young blonde woman would bend over backwards for Tony. Gibbs had been jealous about that once, but he'd gotten over it once Tony showed him the benefits of unlimited ice cream at discount prices.

"I'm going to work you twice as hard in the gym tomorrow," Gibbs said. "You'll need it after that."

Tony's grin just got impossibly wider. "Why wait 'til tomorrow, I think we should work it off right now."

"You haven't eaten it yet," Gibbs reminded.

Tony looked thoughtfully at the tub. Devils delight rich vanilla ice cream, layered with dark chocolate, real crushed coffee beans and mint chips, his mouth watered, but Gibbs was standing patiently looking at him.

"Enjoy it Tony, consider it a small recompense for your car getting blown up," Gibbs said. "I'll be downstairs."

Tony watched him head back to the bedroom to change into his sweats and old t-shirt and grinned. No reason he couldn't eat it and burn it off all in one go... then maybe he'd consider it sufficient recompense for the car... well for one tire maybe... they'd have to work up to the whole car, it might take a while... and a lot more ice cream.

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