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Greg dropped his bag just inside the door and flung his coat over the back of the nearest chair. He was supposed to be in Miami right now, but too many cases and a shortage of staff meant he was stuck in Vegas, no Christmas vacation, no chance to see his lover. He'd called an apologised but he could tell Ryan was disappointed. At least he could be assured he wasn't upset, Ryan knew the demands of being a CSI and he didn't blame Greg.

Standing in his living room he wondered if he could get food first, or a shower, he was leaning towards food when he realised something, his lights were already on, even before he'd entered his house. Pulling his gun, Greg moved slowly though his house, as he moved back, he could hear the shower running and following the sound he opened the door to a steam filled bathroom.

He was unprepared for what greeted him, there was Ryan, naked under the stream of water, washing himself slowly, he had to know Greg was watching.

"Is this were I make some comment about, is that your side arm or are you just happy to see me?" Ryan asked turning around, his fingers teasingly stroking down his body, catching in his pubic hair.

Greg was startled, his eyes had been so busy following Ryan's hands he didn't realise he was being spoken too, when he finally did, all he could do was make a vague grunting noise.

"Care to join me?" Ryan asked, stroking his hands along his length, making Greg's pants tighten even more. Greg didn't need to be asked twice, he quickly stripped, carefully setting aside his side arm and tossing his clothes into the laundry basket, he slipped under the warm stream of water and right into Ryan's waiting arms.


"You couldn't come to me, so I came here, H was happy to give me the time off, I wanted to spend Christmas with you, where we are doesn't matter," Ryan said, smiling softly, pressing Greg backwards, into the cool tiles, kissing him passionately, pressing flush against him, soft skin and hard muscle, some parts harder than others, Greg groaned deeply at the multiple sensations that overwhelmed him.

"Oh... yeah..." Greg agreed when he could finally speak, before loosing himself altogether in Ryan's kisses. Next time he was in Miami, he really owed Horatio Caine a big thank you.

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