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Story Notes:
Random Pairing Generator: Abby Maitland/Tom Ryan/Accident
When people said they had accidents, Lester expected to hear they’d crashed their car, or tripped down the stairs, but when he had his military commander and the closest thing to an expert on reptiles he had, standing in front of him looking nervous, he doubted he was going to hear either of those things.

“I’m pregnant,” Abby was at least, more straightforward, none of the beating around the bush that Ryan seemed to favour.

“I see,” Lester said, uncertain, exactly what he was expected to say. Did they want congratulations? Ryan’s reaction and the fact they’d only been dating, to his knowledge for a couple of months, made it seem unlikely it was planned. “Congratulations,” he said anyway.

“Thanks,” Abby said.

Uncomfortable silence descended and Lester let it rest for a moment before dismissing them both with a nod of the head. He wondered if they’d told Cutter yet? Probably not, he’d have heard the fireworks.

Lester snorted as he returned to his work – if Ryan told Cutter with the same level of embarrassed stuttering he’d attempted to hell him, he could see Cutter ‘accidently’ shooting him next time they were on the shooting range.

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