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Story Notes:
Written for reggietate, from the prompt After Office House, it turned out more gen-ish than het-ish, but it could be considered pre-ship if you squint.
Lester turned out the lights in his office, locking it as he exited. The ARC was quiet, only a few people still around at this late hour, he was quiet surprised to see one of them appeared to be Jenny Lewis.

Knocking lightly on her office door, he pushed it open. "Jenny," he greeted softly.

"James," Jenny smiled tiredly when she looked up. "Just finishing of a little paperwork."

"It's late, I'm sure it can wait until tomorrow," Lester said.

"Just a few more minutes," Jenny assured.

Lester gave her a doubtful look. "Perhaps if I helped, it would be done all the sooner."

"Weren't you about to go home?" Jenny said.

"A few more minutes won't matter," Lester said.

"It might take more than a few minutes," Jenny admitted.

Lester's lips quirked into a gentle smile. "I know."

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