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Story Notes:
This... is a tad bit odd... Lucas assures me it's fine, Lucas is a tad bit odd though, so what she says is probably clouded, lol. Just the same, I hope it's not entirely bizarre and confuddling. Canon Character Death! but with a twist...
"He sits there for hours, just talking to himself, scribbling in dozens of note pads," Doctor Tam said. "His fiction is quite amazing, extremely detailed and real, it's no wonder he's such a popular writer, but what it's doing to his mental state... We tried taking away the note pads and pencils, but he continued to talk to himself and simply became frustrated when he couldn't write it down."

"So what do we do?" Yelina asked.

"We are trying a course of medications at the moment, but so far, nothing seems to be changing. He revealed in his latest session with our physiatrist that he was talking to someone called Speed," the Doctor said.

"Timothy Speedle, its one of his characters," Ray said. "A CSI in Miami, he's introduced in the second book."

"Of course, the name should have registered with me," Doctor Tam said.

"My brother was fine Doctor, two years ago my brother was fine. I know he was devastated by Calliegh's death, but this..." Ray couldn't understand it.

"It's likely this problem was always there, it simply took a great stressor, in this case the loss of a friend, to bring it out," Doctor Tam said. "We will of course keep trying to find something to help him."


"They are out there talking about me again," Horatio said.

"They worry, you won't let go of me," Speed said, from his perch on the window ledge.

"It's too soon, I'm not finished there are still more stories..." Horatio said.

"Excuses," Speed said.

"You know for an figment of my imagination you're annoying, shouldn't you be trying to stick around," Horatio said.

"I'm a figment of *your* imagination H, you know you need to let me go, you just won't," Speed said, shrugging.

"It's... there are more stories," Horatio said.

"Not for me, you know that, you're just scared to let go," Speed said.

"I can't... if you're gone, there is no one," Horatio said.

"There is your brother, his wife, your nephew... real people who really care about you," Speed said.

"I need you," Horatio said.

"There are other characters Horatio, other stories to be told, if you're brave enough," Speed said.

Horatio nodded. He knew it was true but... "I'm not ready."

"And you're never going to be, you've just got to make that leap of faith and let me go," Speed said.

"I don't know how," Horatio said.

"Sure you do, it's already in there," Speed nodded to Horatio's books, strewn haphazardly over the floor beside the desk. "Book four, chapter eight."

"The shooting, but you didn't..."

"Would have if you hadn't written that bullet proof vest in," Speed said.

"I can't..."

"Yes you can Horatio and its time you did," Speed told him.


"Today marked the first book by renound crime writer Horatio Caine in more than three years. The book, titled Lost Son, sees a dramatic event touch the lives of the Miami CSI's the book is based on, including the loss of one of their own. Caine suffered a mental breakdown two years..."

Horatio tuned out the newscaster, running his fingers over the spine of his newest printed book. He flicked it open, looking at the dedication.

For Speed

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