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Story Notes:
Astergent – Cleansing or scouring.
Lester looked around the room, empty glasses scattered over every surface, half empty bowls of nibbles and crumbs littering silver trays.

"Is this where you start offering to double the maid's wages?" Ryan's voice was amused in his ear, arms wrapping around his waist.

"I expect I'll need to triple it after this," Lester said.

Ryan smiled against his ear. "We could make a start."

"By all means, be my guest," Lester said.

"Come on, get those perfect hands of yours dirty," Ryan said.

"I can think of better ways to do so," Lester said. "Had I any mind to and I don't."

"Better ways? Really now?" Ryan nibbled at his earlobe gently. "Because I like dirty."

Lester moaned softly. "Perhaps you require some astergent attention just as much as this place does, washing your mouth out with soap for example."

"Are you suggesting shower sex, because I like the idea, but your maid might object if we flooded the bathroom again, on top of all this."

"I was actually suggesting that you're dirty enough, dirty minded that is," Lester said.

Ryan chuckled. "So is that a no to the shower sex?"

"Only if we're careful. I really will have to triple her wages if we flood the bathroom again," Lester said.

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