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Story Notes:
It's not specified in the fic, but in my head this is set after Wannabe. Written for Julie 'cause she bought me a pretty H/Speed key ring and really that deserves smut :)
"Speed..." Horatio whispered the word, against stubbled skin, a benediction.

"Yeah..." Speed shivered, moaning softly.

"I..." Horatio stalled, "can I?" he asked.

Speed nodded, groaning low in his throat as Horatio pressed against him, pressing him into the wall.

"Quietly..." Horatio said, falling to his knees, looking up at Speed through his eyelashes, blue eyes dark with lust. Speed swallowed deeply, nodding minutely. Horatio smiled and leaned forward, nuzzling Speed through his jeans.

"Oh..." Speed bucked forward, eager for more of Horatio's touch.

"Patience..." Horatio murmured, his fingers reaching for the fly of Speed's jeans, opening them teasingly slow.

"Please..." Speed begged, a hushed whisper, but Horatio heard him.

"Hush..." Horatio reminded, sliding Speed's jeans over his hips. "Commando... naughty boy," Horatio said, smiling.

"Hmmm... couldn't find my... oh..." Speed lost his words in a breathy moan as Horatio blew gently across the head of his exposed cock.

"Not complaining," Horatio told him, leaning forward, flicking his tongue out, just tasting the pre-come leaking from Speed, a gentle tease, before he took Speed into his mouth, just the head, lapping and sucking gently, making Speed hiss and buck.

"H... Horatio... please..." Speed begged as quietly as he could manage.

Horatio looked up at him, made sure Speed was watching him, watching him take inch after inch of him into his mouth, scraping his teeth lightly over the tender skin, twirling his tongue in practiced motions. Horatio made sure Speed was watching and Horatio watched him.

Keeping one hand on Speed's hip, Horatio's other went to his balls, teasing them, rolling them gently, enjoying the way that Speed responded, the way Speed looked down at him, biting his lip, trying to be silent, trying not to cry out the way Horatio knew he wanted to.

The power Horatio felt was amazing. It was pure, like holding fire in his hands. Speed was his to control, he could keep him hanging on for minutes, hours, drive him crazy with need, make him beg and whimper. But Speed couldn't beg, couldn't make too much noise, because they were in the middle of the lab, hidden away in a quiet store room, where anyone could come in... It was heady and Horatio felt his own hardness pulse desperately in his pants.

"Please... please..." Speed begged, barely above a whisper, desperate, needy, like he'd do anything for release and maybe he would... Horatio took pity, his hands clutching at Speed's ass, taking him suddenly, quick, hard sucks, making Speed grab at his shoulders, trying to find purchase, to remain standing as Horatio swallowed him whole, took everything he had to give and kept taking as Speed bit hard on the inside of his cheek to keep from crying out as he spilled into Horatio's mouth.

Speed slid, utterly depleted against the wall as Horatio stood, pulling his own painfully hard cock from it's constraints, taking Speed's mouth in a hard, desperate kiss that Speed could barely keep up with as he jerked himself quickly a few times and came silently, panting into Speed's open mouth.

"Shit..." Speed murmured, when he could force himself to make any sound at all. "That was... intense."

"Hmmm..." Horatio nodded in agreement as he righted himself, helping Speed to look as presentable as he ever did.

"H..." Speed said.

"Yeah?" Horatio asked.

"Thank you for... this..." Speed said softly.

Horatio smiled, a easy gentle smile. "Always," he said, leaning in for one last parting kiss, "Always."

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