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Story Notes:
Written for Julie.
Horatio looked out over the ocean, the sun beating down on him. It was the one thing he missed about New York, the cold nip at his flesh, the snow flakes caught in his hair. Miami never got snow. He should go home he knew, but there didn't seem to be much point, he was due at Yelina's in a few hours, expected to celebrate Christmas with the only family he had left, but he wasn't in the Christmas spirit.

"I knew I'd find you here," a soft voice startled him for a moment, but he didn't bother to turn around, he knew who it was. "You plan on staying here all day?"

Horatio shrugged non-committal. Maybe, maybe not. Probably not really, he wouldn't want to make Yelina and Ray Jr. worry if he didn't show up, but it was nice to imagine he could just stay here, just take one day and have no other responsibility than himself

"I could leave," Speed offered.

"You broke cover to come here and now you'd just walk away?" Horatio asked, even thought he knew the answer, yes he would, he'd walk away if that's what Horatio wanted. Speed didn't answer and it made Horatio smile, Speed knew that Horatio didn't really need an answer, knew that Horatio could read him, just as well as he could read Horatio. The red head has missed that.

"Don't go," Horatio said softly.

"I won't," Speed promised, the heat of his body moving closer to Horatio, Speed's chest pressing against his back.

Horatio stood there, just revelling in the feeling of having Speed so close. God he'd missed him. In the months since his 'death' Horatio had felt his absence keenly and now, standing her on the beach on Christmas morning, Speed was with him, risking everything for just this simple pleasure.

"How long?" Horatio asked eventually.

"Long enough," Speed promised quietly. That was enough. That had to be enough. These moments, spent together, just quietly enjoying each others presence. It made up for the months without Speed by his side and the memory off it would make the months to come more bearable.

Horatio nodded and wrapped his heart in the moment. His Christmas wish had been answered.

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