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"Hey Mac," Danny grinned sweetly at his lover.

"Danny," Mac returned, smiling softly. Danny was curled around a sleeping Don, the sleeping man snuffling softly, unaware of being watched. "How's he doing?" Mac asked.

"Been asleep most of the day, but he's a cranky bastard when he is awake, he kept asking when you'd get home, apparently you make better chicken soup than I do," Danny said, grumbling good naturedly.

"He makes better everything than you, you should never be allowed to cook," Don said, letting them know he was awake.

"Charming," Danny snorted, pouting.

Mac resisted the urge to grin at his lovers antics, the strange back and forth they had, love veiled in insults and yet, it worked. "I'll make some soup," Mac said.

"Wait... soup can wait, come here," Don said, patting the bed beside him.

Mac didn't question it, shrugging of his jacket, laying down, curling into Don's front as Danny curled closer around his back.

"Better than soup," Don announced, sniffling quietly. Mac looked over him, grinning at Danny as their hands clasped together over Don's hip.

"Yeah, it is," Mac agreed sleepily, all three of them, comfortable in each others presence, letting sleep take them.

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