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Story Notes:
Based of what Adam said in "Some Buried Bones".
Danny knocked on the door and waited until it was answered, sleepy eyes meeting his own. "What's up?"

"Can I come in?" Danny asked.

Adam shrugged and stepped aside, letting Danny in and leading him to the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing a carton of orange juice. "Want anything?"

"No I'm good..." Danny said. "Uh listen I wanted to apologise."

Adam frowned. "For what?"

"The thing... I didn't know your Dad was uh..." Danny stumbled over the words.

"Oh," Adam said softly. "It's fine, you didn't know, it's not something I usually talk about."

Danny snorted, almost a half laugh. "Yeah man I understand that."

"Your own family was no picnic I guess," Adam said.

Danny shrugged. "That ain't never been no secret."

"You sure you don't want a drink?" Adam asked.

"I should go, it's late," Danny said. "You got any beer?"

Adam laughed softly, returning the carton of orange to the fridge and pulling out two beers and popping the tops off.

"My Dad wasn't always so bad, depending on what day you caught him," Adam said, handing Danny the beer. "But you're around that... you notice, you know, in other people you can see..."

"Yeah," Danny nodded, he knew.

Silence reigned, beers disappearing one after another, no real need to speak, they both knew more than they'd like to about some things, but it wasn't anything they could change, still there was a certain comfort in the silent understanding.

Danny wasn't sure who'd started it, as they finished off what had to be the fifth or sixth beer, slouching on the couch, tv playing some movie they hadn't really been watching through the last few comfortably silent beers but with the warmth of Adam pressed on top of him he wasn't sure he cared.

The scratch of the beard was odd, the angles of his body different than Danny was use too as his hands explored broad shoulders and the wide expanse of back. Eager hands tugged at his clothes and Danny rode of waves of sensation as strong fingers wrapped around his dick, stroking him while his pants were still only half pulled down, not even past his knees and his own fingers dug into Adam's arms, grinding up against him, the strange feeling of another dick pressed against his thigh as his stomach tightened and he felt Adam stiffen and shudder over him and his orgasm swept through him without warning.

Adam's mouth found his again as their breathing settled and Danny wasn't sure if he was blaming it on the beer or the afterglow at this point, but he kissed back with even more force than before, fingers tangling in Adam's hair as the other hand stroked down and under his t-shirt to touch warm flesh.

They didn't talk about it, not then and not in the weeks and months after when they'd find themselves giving silent signals that only the other understood, before turning up at the others apartment usually with beers and a dvd that never got watched.

There was a certain comfort in the silent understanding. And it never needed to be explained.

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