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Story Notes:
For blackfire's challenge... this was written in ten minutes, it may or may not make sense... it's a little bit of h/c but with a nice happy ending.
Malcolm Reed was tossing around in his sleep, one side of the bed to the other and back, over and over.

The door to his shared quarters with his partner opened with a swoosh to admit said partner, but Malcolm was so deeply entrenched in his dreams the sound did not wake him as it might usually have.

Trip Tucker was bone tired... he'd been working for nearly two days straight trying to get the ship and engines back in order after their latest Xindi run in. He'd lost track of Malcolm somewhere around sickbay after the armoury officer had been ordered back to his quarters for rest, and that was over six hours ago, Trip was glad to see he was following the Doctors orders and sleeping, but Malcolm's tossing told him it wasn't a very restful sleep.

"Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken" Malcolm said, still sleeping, still fitful, his voice frightened, and almost childlike.

"Mal... Malcolm darlin' come on, wake up for me." Trip said soothingly, moving over towards the bunk only to find himself flat on the floor when one fist came out and punched with all the might of the man behind it... Trip was dazed, but mostly shocked he was still conscious.

A scream of no tore through the quarters as Malcolm bolted upright, surging forward onto the floor, landing on top of Trip, winding him even further.

"Trip!" Malcolm exclaimed.

"Easy darlin'... hell you've got a good right hook."

"Right hook... oh God what did I do?" Malcolm asked, jumping off Trip and backwards until he fell onto the bed again.

"Nightmare... you were going crazy when I came in... wanna talk about it?" Trip asked, forcing himself up, trying to hide the slight sense of dizziness he felt from Malcolm who already looked pale.

"I... you should go to sickbay, tell the Captain what..."

"Malcolm... Mal look at me. You were having a bad dream, that’s all... I know you'd never hurt me intentionally." Trip said, pulling Malcolm close to him.

"Now, you gonna tell me what all that hollering was for?"

"How much did you hear?" Malcolm asked.

"Not much, somat about not needing fixing cause ya weren't broken... what were ya dreaming about Malcolm?"

"I... an old boyfriend, I really don't want to talk about it." Malcolm said softly.

Trip sighed... there were quite a few things about his past Malcolm 'really didn't want to talk about', and even after two years, Trip would never force him, but some days he wished Malcolm would tell him, felt he could tell him, trusted him enough to tell him.

"It's okay Malcolm." Trip said, soothingly running fingers through Malcolm's silky hair.

"I love you Trip... please don't ever doubt that." Malcolm begged softly.

"I know darlin', I love you too... just wish you could trust me with this stuff."

"I do... I... oh Trip it was so long ago. You remember what I was like when we first got together... I was so tight-lipped, I couldn't even tell you that I loved you... but with Bryan, I couldn't even feel it... I tried to, I wanted to, but I just couldn't... I never fell in love until I met you... he thought... he thought I was broken." Malcolm said tears stinging at his eyes.

"Oh darlin', you look at me, you ain't broken none... your as damn near to perfect as ya can get... and do ya know how good it makes me feel to know that you love me? That jerk just didn't know how wonderful you are." Trip tightened is grip on Malcolm further, pressing kisses into his hair.

"I do love you Trip... if I was ever broken, you've fixed me."

"But ya weren't never broken... and I intend to see you never get to be that way either." Trip said, pulling Malcolm's chin up, and kissing him softly.

"I love you Malcolm Tucker-Reed." Trip murmured softly, slipping a gentle tongue forward and past Malcolm's welcoming lips.

"I love you too." Malcolm whispered his voice soft and raspy, thick with emotion, and need for sleep.

"Come on darlin', lets get some sleep, no more nightmares okay... I'm right here." Trip said, his voice assuring, pulling Malcolm down into a sleeping position, and holding time tightly against him.

Malcolm snuggled deeper into Trip's arms. He didn't know what had brought on the nightmare... maybe it was just the expanse... this place did strange things to people's minds he knew, but it didn't matter... it was just a dream... he hadn't be broken, and he hadn't needed fixing... the night Bryan had tried to... well it was history, Bryan was long in his past, Trip was his future, and Trip loved him.

Trip listened as Malcolm drifted of to sleep, feeling his breathing even off, before following him into slumber himself.

Malcolm slept nightmare free with Trip beside him, and the only dreams that entered his mind the rest of the night were the happy ones of his life with Trip, with the future he longed to have with him. His past lay resting once more, his only concern now, was his future... their future.

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