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"Oww... Malcolm would you slow down." Jon complained, limping behind his lover, the pain in his back slowing him down considerably.

"Sorry." Malcolm had the decency to look suitably chastised... and more than a little guilty.

He hadn't meant for Jon to get hurt... but the older man had insisted he didn't hold anything back in their training sessions... now Malcolm was wishing he had.

The flip over onto the mat would have been safe, if Jon had followed his instructions for lowering the impact, but he hadn't, and now he was injured.

This was the last time Malcolm was going full throttle with Jon in a fight.


Finally they got back to Jon's quarters.

"Come on love... I'll give you a massage using the stuff Phlox gave you." Malcolm offered, producing the tub of gel-ish typed stuff Phlox had given his lover with instructions to Malcolm to apply it for him.

Jon agreed, wincing at every movement as Malcolm helped him strip out of his uniform down to just his regulation briefs, before stripping himself down.

"Lie down, I'll just mix this up." Malcolm told Jon, watching his lover complied, settling himself carefully into the bed, biting his lip against the searing pain coming from his back.

Malcolm went into the bathroom, finding the bowl he'd used before for massage oil and filling it with some water, and mixing in some of the Doctors wonder cure... he hadn't even wanted to ask what might be in it... it probably wouldn't have been wise.

Jon was sprawled, or at least as close to sprawled, as his back would allow, across the bed when Malcolm re-entered the main room.

Malcolm almost smiled thinking of less painful occasions when Jon had been in much the same position, for not all together different reasons.

Malcolm was careful settling himself across the back of Jon's legs, trying to make sure he didn't further aggravate the injury, before spreading some of the mix over his hands and warming it.

Making slow even moments Malcolm started to work the muscles of his lovers back, wincing each time Jon did, as he moved over the injured spot.

Malcolm continued his ministrations, feeling Jon's body slowly, but surely relax under him, the tight bunching muscles in his back loosening, and straightening under his strong fingers.

Jon's winces of pain turned into slight moans of pleasure, as Malcolm worked his back over thoroughly.

"Love...?" Malcolm asked a little while later, but Jon was so relaxed that the words barely made it past his ears.

A brief moan came in reply but he was mostly out for the count.

Malcolm smiled softly, leaning down to kiss his lovers shoulder blade before moving off him, and slipping to the bathroom to empty the remains of Phlox's wonder cure, and wash his hands.

Jon had managed to move onto his side by the time Malcolm returned to the bed, his eyes open, but fuzzy with the nap he'd just taken under Malcolm's ministrations.

"It's okay love. Go on back to sleep, I'm just going to finish a few reports." Malcolm told him.

Jon shook his head. "Want you over here. I need my favourite teddy bear."

Jon was teasing Malcolm knew... an alien race they'd met not so long ago, and a small child who insisted he should be her 'teddy bear' because he was 'cuddly', Malcolm didn't agree, but Jon hadn't let go of it ever since.

Malcolm gave a long-suffering look, and nodded. "If I must." He agreed.

"You must." Jon insisted, practically purring, completely on purpose knowing what it did to the younger man, as Malcolm got in beside him and snuggled up to his side.

"Better?" Malcolm asked.

"Much..." Jon agreed.

"I'm sorry about your back." Malcolm told him.

"Not your fault... I should have listened to your instructions better... its not actually sore anymore." Jon assured him, holding him close as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Night sweetheart." Jon said.

Malcolm sighed, pulling back from the kiss and snuggling again into Jon's side. He didn't go to sleep though, instead listening as Jon's breathing evened out and he fell asleep.

"Night love." He murmured lightly, allowing his own eyes to close. He really would have to think up a good way to properly say sorry for hurting Jon's back... and if it was good enough... maybe he'd hurt Jon's back again, during a much more... interesting activity.

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