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"So let me get this straight. You want to do what!?" Trip asked incredulous.

"It was just a thought, but I want to uh… go down on you underneath the warp core," Archer said, only a little embarrassed.

"And you want to do this why? I mean not that I dislike the idea, anytime you wanna wrap that beautiful mouth of yours around me, I ain’t gonna say no, but it’s a little... public, as far as locations go," Trip reminded.

"I know, but..." Archer shrugged. "It's... the lighting from the warp core, it… brings out the blue of your eyes... I’ve never seen you looking more amazing then in the light of the core."

"You are really sweet you know that," Trip smiled.

"I am not sweet," Archer grumbled.

"Oh you really are, very sweet..." Trip leaned in to kiss him gently, nuzzling along his jaw. "Tasting."

"Hmm, okay... keep doing that," Archer said, not caring what Tucker had to say about him if he kept making him feel so good.

"My Pleasure," Trip told him, nipping lightly below his ear.

Archer moaned softly. "Trip?"

"Yeah?" the Engineer replied, muffled.

"What do you think about my idea?" Archer asked.

Trip chuckled. "Has potential... later."

"Trip?" Archer said.

Trip abandoned his attempts to undo Archer's uniform and looked at the older man. "What?"

Archer grinned. "Can we try out the torpedo tubes as well?"


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