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Story Notes:
Okay this started of completely different, but it sorta... evolved this way...
Dear Mom and Dad,

I got your letter asking me about coming home for Christmas, and I'd really like to say I could, and that I could bring home some nice girl for you too meet, but I can't, there is no nice girl, there is a nice guy.

He's sweet. Not like I'd have imagined at all. I guess he has this reputation of being Mr. Emotionally repressed, but with me he's not, he's sweet, and tender, and loving in a way I couldn't have hoped to dream for.

I'm not a girly-guy, not much into hearts and roses, but then that’s not really his style either, but he still manages to be sweet, and show me how much he loves me a hundred times a day.

Last night, I was working a case, I can't remember a worse one in recent memory, three kids and their grandfather in a road traffic accident.

I'd been working on evidence for a while, sorting, processing, I had a mass of stuff on the table in front of me, and somehow when I turned around there was a hot cup of coffee that hadn't been there a second before.

No big fanfare about it, just his little way of taking care of me, showing me he's there, he understands, and he cares.

When we first started seeing each other, outside of work, it was just after the whole... thing... with Nigel Crane... I really wanted to jump in head first and just bury myself so far into things with him that I forgot all about Crane, but he didn't let me.

He was careful, slow, we were on our fifth date before he even kissed me properly! He held me when I finally broke down and he didn't let go the whole night thought.

That was the first night we spent together, we didn't do... anything... just slept, but it felt nice, waking up pressed against him, his stubble tickling me. It was me who wanted him to grow a beard... I like it, I think it looks sexy... took me a while to convince him that it would, but once he did...

Funny really, the beard was actually a peace offering... after his operation for his hearing... an operation he didn't tell me he was having(!) I was pissed as hell at him, but then he came in after me not having seen him for a few days, sporting a beard, and an apology.

We talked after that.... we'd been going out for over a year, but no-one knew, I was tired of hiding, and the thing with his ears had just made it worse, if people knew about us, he'd never have kept that from me, but because we were keeping so many other secrets, that was just another to the list...

We told everyone a few weeks later, at a BBQ at my place.

Warrick was surprised we'd told them, but not that we were seeing each other 'man you two are so head over feet I'm surprised you haven't tripped over yourselves yet' he said smiling that, I got one over on you, smile of his.

Catherine squealed, I think she couldn't have been any happier if we'd told her we were getting married and having a kid, she was excitable for days afterwards... she told me it was because she was glad to finally see him happy... I'm glad too, even more that it gets to be me who makes him happy.

Sara... not so pleased... she's had a thing for him for a long time, I knew she wouldn't be, but I was hoping she'd find it somewhere in her to be happy for us... that was silly, she was hurt I knew, but I didn't really understand, I get it more now, we've talked since then, she's happy for us now thought, one of our most loyal supporters.

Greg... that boy drove us nuts for weeks afterwards with his little comments, and jokes at our expense, I'm surprised he's still alive actually.

I am so getting ahead of myself here aren't I? What was I even trying to say with all this? Sweet, that was it, sweet.

He's sweet.

Bringing me coffee, rubbing my shoulders, he gives the best massages in ever! My favourite shirt got ripped on the job, so he paid to have it repaired... you wouldn't know it had ever been damaged.

I guess all this stuff isn't really important, but I wanted to try and explain what he's like, so you'd understand.

I love him mom, dad, I love Gil Grissom more than I've ever loved anyone in my whole life... and the sweetest thing... he loves me too... Gil Grissom... bug-man, Winner of CSI's Mr. Emotionally repressed award for 5 straight years... loves me...

I hope you can understand all this, I know you guys will have a hard time accepting this, that’s why I've never told you, but I have to now, because Gil and I have moved in together, and this will be our first Christmas in our home.

I will be home for Christmas, but home here, home is where Gil is,

Gil is the best thing in my life, and I know I'm the best in his... when you can invite us both to your table, we'll be there, but I won't come without him.

Say hi to the rest of the family for me, and tell them I said Merry Christmas.

Love Always

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