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“Jonny babe, I think we’re getting too old for this,” Trip grinned, pulling of the t-shirt he was wearing and entering the bathroom of the old colonial house that he had called home since they had finally given up space flight after the second five year mission on Enterprise.

“Maybe just a little,” Jon agreed as he joined his lover under the cold spray of the old-fashioned water shower.

“Hmmm, it’s sure fun though,” Trip grinned, pulling Jon closer, “specially seeing you all hot and sweaty like that, water polo agrees with you” he added his eyes shining with mischief.

“Hmmm, Trrrip,” Jon moaned, leaning in for a kiss. “We don’t have time,” he added, a slight whine in his voice.

“I know, mores the pity,” Trip said, stealing another kiss.

“Can I at least wash your back for you?” Trip asked with a smirk.

“Hmmm, you better,” Jon said, turning around, for Trip to do just that.


“Hey Gamps, what took you guys so long?” Jenna Louise Archer-Tucker asked as Trip and Jon appeared again onto the patio at the back of the house, to find their family cleaning up the last reminants of the afternoons party.

“Had to shower,” Trip said, not mention that they had shared.

“Yeah I bet,” Malcolm Archer- Tucker grinned at his parents, knowing from his own childhood exactly how much washing didn’t go on in that shower, considering all the time they spent in their.

“And you button it,” Jon said, smacking his son lightly on the back of the head.

“Gramps, can we go sailing tomorrow?” Michael Archer-Tucker asked.

“Sure Michael, but your sister is coming too, an' no arguments,” Trip said, shaking a finger at the youngest of his grandchildren.

“Awwww, Gramps, why does she have to come?” Michael complained.

“Because she is your sister, and I said so,” Trip told him, grabbing him onto his knee and tickling him.

“Ok, Ok, stop, please,” Michael pleaded laughing.

“Leave him alone Trip,” Jon scolded his lover lightly, helping Michael escape his grasp before kissing Trip lightly on the top of his head.

“Spoil sport,” Trip grouched a little, laughing.

“Really, I thought I was quite ‘sporting’ in the shower,” Jon teased, laughing as Trip blushed.

“You two are worse than teenagers, even after all this time,” Malcolm said, laughing at his parent’s behaviour.

“Yep, what’s your point?” Trip asked innocently.

Malcolm laughed “We better go, I promised Kelly we’d be home for dinner, I’ll drop these two over in the morning before work,” he said, grabbing the kids bags and sticking them in the hover car.

“Sure, see you tomorrow,” Trip said, his accent smothering the words.

“Bye Papa, Bye Dad,” Malcolm said, as the kids shuffled into the car.

“Bye Gramps, Bye grandpa,” the kids called, waving enthusiastically.

“Bye,” Both men called, waving back.

“Hmmm, well Mr Tucker, what do you say to me and you and that nice big bed of ours,” Jon suggested, grinning wickedly.

“Sounds like a plan.” Trip agreed, smiling, before leaning in and kissing Jon sweetly on the lips.

“Hmmm, love you, Happy Anniversary” Jon murmured.

“Love you too babe, Happy Anniversary,” Trip said, pulling Jon by the arm inside, to the quietness of their own private world.

30 years of marriage, a son, two grandchildren, and a whole mess of friends, but still this was what meant the most, the little times when there were alone, just the two of them.

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