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Story Notes:
I think I screwed up.

Actually let me change that, I KNOW I screwed up.

Gawd what was I thinking?

I kissed him.

My best friend.

I kissed him.

I kissed Jon.

I didn't mean too, and if I did I didn't know I meant to, it just sorta happened, he was there, I was there, and he had this little half smile on his face as I cracked yet another joke about the water-polo match we were watching, and... I kissed him.

I leaned over, and before even I knew it I was kissing my best friend.

It was amazing, his lips were soft, oh so very soft, and he tasted just slightly of Bourbon as I flicked my tongue out to try and gain entry before I realised just was I was doing and bolted like lightening in a thunderstorm.


Trip kissed me.

Trip kissed me.

Oh Boy.

I didn't even see it coming, I'm not sure he did either, because he looked as shocked as I was in the few seconds between pulling out of the kiss and running out the door.

Did I mention Trip kissed me?



Why did I do it?

I mean I have never had even the most pre-cursory attraction to any man before, so why, why did I kiss Jon?

Of all the Gawd damn times to suddenly decide I want wild and wanton sex with a man it had to be wh...

Hang on. Wild and Wanton Sex? I so never said I wanted that.

Oh wait I just did, oops.

Ok this is new.

Still doesn't explain why Jon thought.


Awwww Fuck!

I don't want wild and wanton sex with a man.

I want wild and wanton sex with a man I love.

Awwww Fuck!

I love Jon.


My best friend

Awwww Fuck!


Why? Why? Why?

Why would he kiss me?

Or more important still, Why, Why, Why did I let him?

Well in my defence I wasn't expecting it. Still thought, I could have easily pushed him away, but I didn't, infact, I kind of, indirectly kissed him back.

Oh Boy.


**Be, bee, bee, beep**




"I em... we need to talk."


"I kissed you."

"I noticed. I didn't push you away."

"I ran."

"We all make mistakes."

"Is this one?"

"I don't think it is. No."

"Can I kiss you again?"

"I was hoping you might."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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