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"You’re the Captain, your suppose to set an example to the crew, this is not an example, It's a weapons test site." Malcolm grouched at his lover as he dabbed the blood from his stubbed toe.

"Well if you watch where your going..." Jon tried to defend himself as he winced at the sight of his lover's slightly bleeding appendage.

"You need to learn to be neater." Malcolm told him.

"This is the second time I've hurt myself this week from something you've left around the floor, Phlox will start to ask questions if I keep going to him with cuts and bruises." Malcolm complained.

"I'll clean it up soon I promise, but I don't have time right now, I have to be on the bridge," Jonathan told him.

"Fine, go, but I'm not setting foot back in these quarters until they are clean," Malcolm threatened, following Jon out the door, pulling him in for a quick kiss before they quite got out onto the corridor, dashing towards the Armory with a smile, leaving a grinning Jon in his wake.


**Three Weeks Later **

"God Malcolm it's beautiful." Jon exclaimed opening the small box Malcolm had presented him, neatly wrapped in colourful paper, with a delicate white bow tied around it.

The box contained a small silver bracelet, definitely meant for the arm of a man, the somewhat delicate snap opening, and closing with ease as Jon held his arm out for Malcolm to clip it on.

"I'm glad you like it." Malcolm smiled as he leaned into kiss his lover.

"Happy Birthday," he added, with another kiss.

"Thank-you." Jon murmured, pulling Malcolm close to him, kissing him deeply.

"Hmmm, bed time?" Malcolm growled, pulling Jon down onto the bed.


**Two Weeks Later**

Jon pulled drawers open; shuffling through them, searching frantically for the bracelet Malcolm had given him for his birthday.

He'd been looking for almost half an hour, and he had to meet Malcolm in less than fifteen minutes, if he didn't have the bracelet on Malcolm wouldn't be pleased.

Damn it why couldn't he learn to put things away properly.


**Beep, Beep**

"Enter." Jon called without thinking.

Malcolm appeared before him as he pulled out the drawer of his bedside cabinet.

"Malcolm! Your early." Jon exclaimed.

"Was finished work, thought I might as well meet you here, instead of in the mess hall,." Malcolm told him with a smile.

"I'm em... looking for something." Jon said.

"What, maybe I can help. What is it?" Malcolm asked.

"Em..." Jon bowed his head.

"Jon?" Malcolm asked, looking at his lover dubiously.

"My bracelet..." Jon admitted shamefaced.

Malcolm didn't react, moving over to Jon's desk and lifting up the small trinket box beside the computer screen, opening it and fishing out the bracelet.

"Oh..." Jon murmured, his face warm.

"I told you I'd put it there so you wouldn't lose it in this pigsty." Malcolm said, a look of discontent on his face.

"Sorry." Jon told him remorseful.

"I've told you to clean up this mess a million times." Malcolm pointed out.

"I know." Jon replied.

"Come on." Malcolm ordered, grabbing a pile of clothes from the floor and shoving them into the laundry shut.

"But what about dinner?" Jon asked.

"It can wait, I'm not living with a slob anymore, now start cleaning." Malcolm ordered.

Jon complied, not quite willing to find out how serious Malcolm was about not living with a slob.


**Two Hours Later**

"I never realized how messy this place was." Jon groaned, falling onto the bed exhausted.

"I did try and tell you." Malcolm said, joining him, rolling so he was half on top of him.

"I know, I promise I'll make more of an effort to be neat." Jon told him, with a smile.

"Oh I know you will." Malcolm said, nipping at his jaw with his teeth.

"Or I really will stop coming around here." Malcolm told him, kissing him lightly on the mouth.

"Dinner?" he asked.

"I'll order in." Jon replied.

"Get something that tastes good cold." Malcolm said.

"Why?" Jon asked, looking at Malcolm, getting a lopsided grin in return.

"Oh." Was his only reply before Malcolm distracted him for ordering anything by pulling him into a passionate kiss.

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