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I never was one for showing my emotions... I was mostly never one for feeling my emotions...

I always thought that a kiss was just a kiss... till I kissed you.

When our lips meet, it was like coming home.

Your lips were soft, full, fitting perfectly against mine.

Your tongue flicked out against my lips, and I opened myself to you, not just my lips, but my heart, my soul, and in that moment, it was like the whole world was mine for the taking... like I could do anything.

Our tongues duelled, playfully, passionately, tenderly, it was like a million different kisses all in one single touch of our lips.

Your arms around me, your hands trapped in my hair. Mine in yours... it's so silky soft between my fingers.

You nip at my lips, biting them gently, and I groan against you, glad to hear you return the sound.

It's scary, feel like this... that such a simple thing as a kiss could make me feel like this... make me feel so... so free... so loved, and I am loved, I know... because you tell me that as we reluctantly pull back from the kiss, and I smile.

"I love you too Nicky."

A Kiss Was Just A Kiss... Till I Kissed You

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