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Story Notes:
Written for Psychater
Rodney secretly loved Christmas and this year especially, here on Atlantis, his life finally complete, with his work, his friends and most especially, with John. Rodney smiled at the thought of his lover. He loved that he could call him that, even if only in his own head, John Sheppard was his lover, no one else's, all his.

"What you thinking about?" John startled him, his arms wrapping around Rodney's waist from behind, his chin settling on Rodney's shoulder.

"You actually," Rodney admitted.

"All good thoughts I hope," John said.

Rodney snorted derisively. "And why would I think good thoughts about you?"

"Because I can make you come like a freight train in under a minute," John suggested, licking the outer shell of Rodney's ear.

"Well, I guess that's a point in your favour," Rodney conceded, moaning softly when John nibbled at the side of his neck.

"How about I give you your Christmas present early?" John said, his hands trailing down Rodney's chest.

"I... oh... yeah," Rodney groaned softly, relaxing further into John's embrace.

"Does that mean I get my Christmas present too?" John asked.

"Whatever you want," Rodney promised, as John's fingers slipped under his t-shirt.

"Then I'd best unwrap it," John said and Rodney could just hear the smirk in his voice as he started to pull Rodney's t-shirt over his head.

"Yeah... I like unwrapping, unwrapping is good," Rodney agreed, turning to look at John finally, his own hands moving to John's shirt. "I really like unwrapping."

John stripped him; touching and kissing him, making Rodney moan and beg, like only John could. It was a practiced dance, but every time felt like the first, it just never got old, feeling John over him, under him, surrounding him, filling him. Rodney moaned deep and long as John thrust into him.

"Best Christmas present ever..." John said, grinning brightly as he kept Rodney on the edge of need, sliding slow and deep into him, teasing him.

"Bastard," Rodney grumbled, thrusting back harder. John laughed and nodded, brushing Rodney's prostate.

"You're bastard," he told him. And Rodney had to agree, John was his... and John really was the best Christmas present ever. He'd just never tell *him* that.

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