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Story Notes:
Written for Jo.
John Sheppard hated Christmas. He knew everyone expected him to love it and when he was younger he had, but too many Christmas' in too many places, with no traditions and an often missing father, had left him a little bitter about the whole thing.

"Colonel! Colonel!" Rodney jogged up beside him, puffing and glaring. "Are you deaf?"

"What can I do for you Rodney?" John asked.

"I... Elizabeth's secret Santa thing, I'm not going to the party so... here," Rodney shoved a box into John's hands.

"Oh... thanks," John said. He'd forgotten all about the secret Santa thing, he'd already given Lt. Cadman her gift weeks ago. "Hey why aren't you going to the party?" John asked.

"I have work to do," Rodney said and that was really all John needed to know.

"Well... thanks..." John said again, going on his way again. John waited until he got back to his quarters, turning the box over in his hands before slowly opening it, gasping in soft delight. It was a little puddle jumper and John grinned, a remote control. John pulled it out taking a moment to figure out the buttons before he had the little toy flying around his room.

John was so delighted with his gift, he decided to take it for a walk, flying it around the halls of Atlantis, scaring a few of the scientists when it buzzed around their heads, John laughed and headed for Rodney's lab, unsurprised to find the scientist bent over a laptop when he got there, he landed his new toy on the desk beside him.

"Oh... Colonel, what are you doing here?" Rodney asked.

"I came by to say thanks, this is cool, must have taken a lot of work," John said.

"It wasn't a big deal," Rodney defended, blushing lightly.

John shook his head. "It is to me. Look Rodney, I don't like Christmas and I don't reckon that's going to change anytime soon but this... it took a lot of effort and thought and I appreciate it, it's the best Christmas present anyone ever gave me and... Would you like to go to the party, I mean, I wouldn't normally but..." John stumbled over his words, unsure what he was really asking.

He hadn't stumbled like this since he'd asked his first girlfriend on a date at thirteen. John blushed furiously, realising what he was doing, he was actually asking Rodney on a date. Wow.

"Colonel? John?" Rodney asked, suddenly practically on top of him and John flinched, blinking owlishly, because Rodney was close, really close and his gift was thoughtful and Rodney didn't do thoughtful and John had just realised maybe he had more than platonic feelings for his best friend and maybe Rodney did too... for him... and maybe that was okay because Rodney was a really good kisser...

And how did John know that? How did they end up kissing? John couldn't recollect and really he found he didn't care, because Rodney was thoughtful and Rodney cared and Rodney really was a good kisser... and John thought maybe he could learn to like Christmas after all.

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