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Story Notes:
Set after the Siege.
John stared into blue eyes but for a moment then slowly his face moved closer. Rodney did not pull back when he felt the touch on his lips. He welcomed the kiss, his eyes closing, as he hugged John to him tightly. He lost himself in that kiss as it set all of his nerves alight, fearing the moment when it would stop, afraid that when it did John would regret it.

However, when finally they broke apart John spoke softly "Will you stay?"

Rodney nodded his head, "Yes," he whispered.

John smiled and lowered his mouth again, as he pushed Rodney back against the wall. Rodney grasped hold of his hair, sinking into his kiss as now his passion mounted. John's mouth traveled the length of his neck and he could only gasp when he felt the warm touch of his hand upon his skin. But those gasps ceased as his breath caught in his throat when that touch became altogether more intimate. For those moments he was not on Atlantis, he was everywhere and nowhere, a place where only he and John existed, outside of time.

Rodney pulled back first, surprising John by moving a few steps away.

"Where is this leading?" he asked softly.

"Does it matter?"

"Maybe not today, but tomorrow it might." Rodney sighed, he so wanted this, but they had all almost died just days ago, John had almost sacrificed his own life. He didn't want to start all this only to have it snatched away the next day.

"I can't make promises Rodney, I can't see tomorrow, we can only live for here, for now." John said, putting his hands on Rodney's shoulders, turning him slowly.

Rodney looked at him, hazel-green eyes met blue... a single moment lost in time the second it was past. Rodney leaned in and kissed John again without reserve.

Passion growing, skin tingling as questing fingers explored, Rodney let himself flow along with it, let John kiss him, and touch him, and make him forget the very real possibility they could have died, could still die anytime without warning.

Later, as they lay curled together, Rodney knew John was right, they could only live for the here, for the now, and hearing the slow, steady beat of his lovers heart... knowing that for this moment in time it was just them, cocooned in someplace out of time, he knew that here and now was his eternity, no matter what tomorrow brought, every moment spent like this was a lifetime in itself, and he'd treasure every one.

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