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Ronon hunched down near the entrance to their cave, his stance protective, watchful, *hot* Rodney's mind provided.

"We'll wait until it's dark, then make for the Stargate," Ronon said.

"Great idea, lets hang around the dark, smelly cave for hours," Rodney said.

"You can always use the time to keep checking me out," Ronon said.

"What... what... I wasn't, I didn't, I... oh God, they'll never find my body will they..." Rodney babbled.

Ronon stalked towards him, pressing him back against the wall. "If I was going to kill you McKay, I'd have done if the first time I caught you staring at my ass."

"Uh..." Rodney tried to breath, but Ronon was close, really, really close and big, really, really big...

Ronon was surprisingly soft, kissing him thoroughly, leaving Rodney gasping for breath and achingly hard. "Oh..."

Rodney was sure Ronon might kiss him again, when the Setedan paused, his head cocking to the side, as he stepped back, hand going for his gun.

"Stay!" Ronon ordered quietly.

"Ronon! McKay!" Sheppard's voice rang out, close by.

"Sheppard!" Ronon returned the call, going to the cave mouth, waving to their team mates as Rodney came up behind him, hoping he didn't feel as flustered as he looked.

"The Wraith are gone, but they'll probably be back, so we'd better get out of here. You two okay?" Sheppard asked.

"Fine," Ronon replied.

"Yeah... yeah fine," Rodney agreed, blushing fiercely.

Sheppard gave him an enquiring look, forcing Rodney to look away. "Okay," Sheppard said finally, but he sounded unconvinced and Rodney was sure he'd hear more about this later.

"2100hrs... my room," Ronon whispered in his ear, moving towards the jumper Sheppard had parked near their cave. Rodney felt shivers go up his spine, resisting the urge to adjust himself in his pants; he just hoped no one would notice his semi-aroused state.

Rodney told himself he had to be imagining it when Teyla gave him a knowing look, she couldn't possibly know... could she?

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