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"Rodney, thank you for coming," Teyla said.

"It sounded important," Rodney said.

"Yes. Please, take a seat," Teyla offered.

Rodney paused. "Thanks... uh..."

"I am sure you are wondering why I've asked you here," Teyla said, taking the seat across from him.

"I was... I mean we haven't really..." Rodney paused.

"We have not spoken much recently, not since the Christmas celebrations of your people," Teyla agreed.

"Yeah," Rodney nodded. "I was... I wasn't sure if..."

"I am with child," Teyla said.

"You... oh... Oh," Rodney suddenly caught up.

"I am uncertain how your people deal with such matters," Teyla said.

"Well it really, it depends on the people, um... what about he Athosian's..."

"With the Wraith as a constant threat, there are many parents raising children alone," Teyla said.

"Yeah, but... I'd like... I'd like to be a part off..."

"I would never prevent you from being a part of this child's life Rodney," Teyla assured.

"I... okay. But us, I mean," Rodney frowned.

"You are not obligated too..."

"No, I don't feel... obligated but..."

"You wish to..."

"Only if you want to. I understand if you don't, I'm not exactly a great catch and..."

Teyla silenced him, placing her fingers over his lips. "You are a good man; I enjoyed our night together very much. I admit I never considered you are a romantic partner before then, however... it is not an unpleasant thought."

"Oh. Good. Yes because you're... you're stunning and I... maybe we could have dinner?" Rodney said.

Teyla smiled. "I believe I would enjoy that."

"Good... Great... I... oh..." Rodney was silenced again, this time as Teyla leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips.

"There is no need to be nervous Rodney, I have seen you at your best and worst. I believe we shall make this work, in one way or another, for the best," Teyla assured him.

"Yeah, I just never expected... any of this," Rodney said.

"Is it... bad?" Teyla asked.

"No..." Rodney said. "No, it's really not." And Rodney did the only thing he could, he kissed her.

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