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Story Notes:
The small amount of czech in this is from online translators. Apologise if it's wrong.
Rodney taps away at his laptop, the lab blissfully quiet in the pre-dawn hours. Even Radek left hours ago for his bed, but Rodney has never been able to sleep when he was this involved in a puzzle, so he stayed, tapping away at his keyboard. Rodney thinks he'll go to bed soon, get a couple of hours before the staff meeting, but he gives himself another ten minutes first, to get this last algorithm fleshed out.

The soft hiss of opening doors goes unnoticed, mostly because Rodney has fallen asleep and Radek shakes his head with gentle affection at the sight of Rodney McKay sprawled over his desk, quietly drooling on his own sleeve. It occurs to him briefly, he should not find it so adorable, but then nothing with Rodney has ever been quite as it should, he goes by his own rules.

"Rodney..." Radek gently shakes him, standing at his back, so when he inevitably jumps, Radek is there to catch him. This time, Rodney almost sends them both to the floor, but somehow, Radek manages to keep them upright.

"What? Oh ow... what time is it?" Rodney asks, already pulling a bottle of aspirin from the draw.

"Just after seven," Radek tells him, holding up a bottle of water as Rodney scrambles for something to wash down the pills.

Rodney makes a face and Radek knows he would have preferred coffee, but that would keep him awake and Radek has plans to make him sleep.

"I have a staff meeting in an hour," Rodney tells him.

"Yes, it has been moved to this afternoon," Radek says, not mentioning that he'd called Elizabeth himself to rearrange it. He knows Rodney would protest. "You have time for some sleep before then."

"Huh, yes, well after..."

"No. Now," Radek says, using the same tone his mother used on him when he was being obstinate.

"But I have too..."

Radek silenced him this time with a kiss. Pressing him against the lab table, scratching against the stubble that covered his jaw. Radek applied *just* the right amount of pressure, swept his tongue through Rodney's lips at *just* the right moment.

Rodney collapsed against him and Radek knew he'd won.

"Miluji tě," Radek murmured, nuzzling just under Rodney's ear.

Rodney nodded. "You'll..."





"Everything, now go and rest, I will bring you breakfast in a few hours," Radek said.

"Okay," Rodney agreed, stepping back. Radek had turned towards the computer already looking at what Rodney had gotten done, when he felt strong arms come around his waist.

"I love you too," Rodney whispered in his ear, kissing the side of his neck tenderly.

Radek smiled as he heard Rodney's footsteps walking away. "Dobrou noc!"
Chapter End Notes:
Czech Phrases:

Miluji tě: I love you
Dobrou noc!: Goodnight

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