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Rodney was on the bed, propped up with his laptop on his knees, when John entered. The scientist looked up briefly, a lopsided grin on his face when he saw who it was and what sort of state he was in, before his eyes returned to the screen.

John was exhausted and left him to it, while he went to take a shower. He'd been running training exercises with the marines and some of the Athosian's on the mainland all night; he was sweaty and filthy and wanted nothing more than a nice shower and to curl up in bed with his lover.

That made him smile, even as tired as he was, because he got to do this, to come home and curl up with Rodney and no one said a word, no one, it was a freedom John had never expected to have when he and Rodney started seeing each other during the first year of the Atlantis mission and every day he was grateful for it.

John wasted little time in the shower, just washing quickly, he just wanted to lay down, listen to Rodney babbling on about whatever he was working on. John only understood about half of it half the time, even if he was a lot smarter than people gave him credit for, but Rodney's enthusiasm caught him up and he was genuinely interested to know what he was working on.


Rodney closed over the laptop and set it aside when John came back out, watching as he grabbed a pair of boxers that didn't actually belong to him and then moving so that John could fit comfortably on the bed beside him.

John curled down, his head resting on Rodney's thigh, snuffling in a way that reminded Rodney of his cat, as he got comfortable.

"Cat..." Rodney said, teasing.

"That's why you like me," John said, smiling cheekily.

"Hmmm... possibly, I know it can't be for your stunning good looks and intelligence, those things do nothing for me," Rodney said, brushing fingers through John's damp hair.

"Uh huh... 'ats nice... so what were you working on?" John asked, yawning and snuggling more against Rodney's legs, like that was even possible.

Rodney grinned and started to explain all about the latest Ancient device that Lorne's team had brought back. Although they weren't 100% sure yet, Rodney was certain it was a missing piece of the ZPM puzzle.

John listened contentedly for a while, Rodney talked about power distribution, sub space, anything really, while he slowly continued to run his fingers though John's hair until he heard the tell tale snuffles... and that made him snort because grown men shouldn't snuffle... that told him John was asleep.

Rodney smiled, fingers just teasing the outer shell of John's ear, even if his mind was always filled with a million kinds of everything, he could still take the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of this moment.

The silence of early morning, before the hustle and bustle of another day on Atlantis began, the satisfaction of having John there with him, pressed close, warm and still a little damp, the contentment of knowing John felt comfortable enough with him to be like this, to let down his guard and just *be*. It wasn't quite perfection, but it was close.

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