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The sun is shining brightly in the sky today, and I'm glad, blue sky’s are my favourite kind, remind me of a certain pair of blue eyes that are also my favourite, we decided to have a BBQ this time round, we'd done the romantic dinners for two, the weekend getaways but this time round we wanted something big, something for everyone, all our friends and family.

Way back when after Charlie had just died if anyone had told me I'd have a family again someday, that I could find love and get married and have more children, I'd have either laughed or punched them, probably the latter given my moods at the time.

Of course if someone had said I'd end up with a beautiful blue eyed genius I really would have laughed, not cause of the fact that I'd get married again but that some beautiful blue eyed genius could ever love me, Mr-Pissy-O'Neill, not that I have much cause to be pissy anymore.

Teal'c is here, he doesn't live on earth anymore but is living with Drey’ac and his sons, yes I said sons they went and had another one, cute little guy, they shocked me to hell by calling him Jack as well, they live in the Land of the Light and Teal'c still comes back from time to time if he's needed, or if there is a 'family' reunion, Hammond may not be in Command of the SGC anymore but its new Commander is damn good and very agreeable to things like letting Ex-SGC personnel through the gate when they really shouldn't.

Janet is here, with her husband and their daughter, yep Janet went and got married, sneak that she is got it together with Sergeant Walter Davis, yes that guy in the control room that no one ever paid much attention to beyond the dial it up orders, how that happened, well neither of them are telling and I guess if that’s the case I probably don't wanna know.

Cassie is here too, she grew up so fast, her fiancÚ is with her, nice guy actually, although I was a little shocked when I found out that he was Harry Maybourne’s son, never even knew the guy had kids, but apparently he wasn't around much so the kid got off lucky.

Cassie well she loves him so I guess he's got to be ok, he certainly won't hurt her anyway, every one of us have warned him that if he should ever hurt her he wouldn't live very long afterwards, and when you get a 300 pound Jaffa in your face you got to get the point pretty well.

Sam now that was a turn up for the books, her and Siler, well I say it was a turn up for the books we all use to tease her about it and there were rumours, most of which I started, but we thought it was just a laugh, the fact she’s six months pregnant with their fourth kid expelled that idea fast, but this is the last she says that being forty five and pregnant is not fun, I got to say I don't doubt her there, being pregnant at any age probably isn’t a whole lotto fun, at least not if I understood Sarah correctly when she was pregnant with Charlie.

Of course being commander of the SGC and forty five and pregnant well now that’s just got to suck, not that she complains much, I think Siler keeps her pretty sweet, wonder how he does it, might help to know, on the other hand it might not.

George, geez does the guy ever stop, his granddaughters are teenagers/young adults now and has long retired but still he keeps his foot in the door, not that anyone minds, he's a good man and was a great leader, something Sam says makes her so good cause she learned a lot from him, which I of course tease about asking if she didn't learn enough from me, sometimes her answers shock even me, talk about sewer mouth.

Then of course there is Daniel, has still at the SGC, doing desk work mostly but he does on occasion go on digs off-world, every Commander on base knows now better than ever that if he goes of world and don't come back in the same condition he left not to come back to earth at all or if they do make sure the iris is closed it would be preferable to what would happen to them otherwise.

Daniel hates the over protectiveness of everyone, he says has been around long enough to know how to look after himself, and I don't disagree, I just happen to like being over protective of my Space Monkey.

Yes I still call him that, and yes he still hates it, but at least I don't call him honey in front of everyone, no matter how much fun the resulting blush might be.

I've been known to slip and call him sweetheart on occasion but I can hardly be blamed for loving such a wonderfully, sweet, smart, funny...ok, ok. I know I'm rambling here but he’s just...well he’s Daniel, My Daniel, MY Danny, Mine, Mine, Mine all Mine, oh how I love that word.

When I realized I was in love with Daniel I freaked, and I know I was an asshole because of it but damn it was scary falling for my MALE best friend who as far as I knew was straighter than lace.

When Daniel told me he loved me well, talk about knocking me over with a feather, geez you could have knocked me over by breathing on me.

It was hard at first, hiding things, but now we don't, two years after we got together I almost lost him and after that I didn't want to hide anymore, if the air force wanted me gone I'd retire but I wouldn't lose Daniel.

Thank-fully it never came to that, George said he didn't care and as long as we didn't do anything on base, which we never would anyway, then he was happy for us.

That lasted a year, then the pentagon got nosey, I retired, Danny stayed on and we were happy.

Thor turned up about six months later and whisked us off, dragging me along even though I told him I wasn't with the SGC anymore, he was having none of it and we saved the world, AGAIN.

That was when the best came, because the Asguard are all genetically cloned, they are pretty good with all that cell stuff and after a little talk Thor over heard between Daniel and myself he said he could help us.

The talk was about adopting a kid, we never actually did though Thor sneaky little grey ass that he is took some of the necessary materials from me and Danny and somehow managed to make a child with a perfect mix of mine and Daniel's DNA.

Nine months later after a sufficient length in some Asguard artificial womb thingy we had a daughter.

She had Daniels blue eyes and soft blond hair, slightly curly, she is beautiful, just like Daniel.

Samantha Jackson-O'Neill, we decided on both surnames and only one first name, we didn't want to give her a long name and simple suits her better.

That was eight years ago, now here I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, and when I say married I mean in the legal sense, as of one year ago today, which is the purpose of all this.

We'd always celebrated our anniversary but now it was really official we felt the need for something bigger than just us two alone.

Daniels arms are around me and I can feel his breath against my neck, "Love you Jack." he whispers to me, Daniel is a linguist but he never uses big words to tell me how he feels, says he doesn't have any that could describe it, but I like it that way, simple plain nothing fancy, that’s me and it's how I feel about him, it's not some huge whirlwind romance.

It's love.

Every kind of love and there doesn't need to be any big words or gestures.

I smile flipping the food on the BBQ and the smile grows when I hear the laughter of my family behind me.

"I love you too Danny." I whisper back to him, I feel his lips graze across my neck and lean into the touch.

If someone told me years ago about all this I would have laughed, and now I do laugh, this is home and family and happiness, and it's all mine, just like Daniel.

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