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I can feel the rain, as it beats of my back, I'm so cold barely feel anything, but I feel the rain, my whole body is still, my mind concentrating only on staying alive just that little bit longer, just long enough to tell him what I should have said long ago.

There was always a reason not to, at first, it was Charlie, it was too soon after his death. Then Shaur're, I couldn't ask him to give up looking for his wife to be with me, I wasn't worth it. Then after she was gone, it was the SGC, well that is what I told myself at least, really it was just my own fear, but I don't have any fear, not anymore.

I can feel my own blood around me, hear the pounding of my heart in my ears, and I plead silently for him to hurry up, not to be too late, I need to tell him.

Footsteps, good, I can hear foot steps, please let it be him.

It is, oh thank God it is him, I can tell him at last.

What's that Danny? Hang on, oh I have been, hanging on, waiting for you.

"Daniel." My voice is rough.

"It's ok Jack, your going to be fine." He tries to tell me, but I know different, I'm already dead, it's only him that’s kept me alive this long, knowing I had to tell him.

"I love you Daniel." I whisper, but I know he heard me, the look in his blue eyes tells me everything, and I know he loves me too, I can let go now.

I smile at him, and close my eyes, and I know that as I drift of, it's not just my imagination; he tells me he loves me too.


We found him to late, he was already too badly hurt, we couldn't save him, he's gone.

He told me he loved me. He smiled at me. And then he left me.

I hope he heard me when I said I loved him too.

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