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Story Notes:
Set after Daniel returns in Fallen/Homecoming and contains spoilers for thoes episodes.
Daniel is home. I can't believe it, but he is.

Home. Human. And he has no idea who I am. Or even who HE is.

He keeps calling me Jim. God knows where he got that from.

We're preparing to go off and attempt this shall we say... somewhat insane plan, just the two of us in the locker room.

"That's you son." He's looking at the picture in my locker.

"Yeah." I tell him, my own eyes holding on the image for a few seconds. I miss him so much.

"Charlie, right? He's why I know you. You took that first mission to Abydos because you thought it would be... suicide." Ahh yes, I was wondering when he'd remember that.

"Things change." He changed me.

"Yeah. Sorry." Not you fault Daniel. You can't help it. You saved me back there, but maybe, just maybe I should change the subject.

"You sure your ready for this?" I ask him. I know he is, memories or not, Daniel is still Daniel.

"Yeah well despite what you say I, I don't think you'd be doing this if it wasn't worth doing." Ha, if only he knew. If it weren't for him, I'd have been gone long ago.

"Well you obviously don't remember everything. You never use to follow my lead," It's meant as a joke, but it's true, I always somehow ended up following him, even though I am the team CO.

"I didn't?" He asks, and for a second I want to laugh at the almost naive way he asks, but I restrain myself, and get up to leave.

Just as I reach the door he calls me.

"Hey, I may not remember everything but ahh...I remember enough."

I can't help the slight hammer of my heart, and I hope that means what I think it means, but I'll have to wait till we get back before I find out.

In the mean time I settle for a small, barely visible on my face smile, and a single word, that I hope conveys how I feel.



Home. We're home. Really home I mean, well my place anyway, after the events of the past few days have been... strange to say the least.

Jonas has gone home, and we just finished our first... God I hate to say real, because Jonas was a real member of the team, but well... original SG-1 team night in over a year.

Sam has taken Teal'c back to base, and I can almost guarantee she'll stay to work on something or another, so Daniel and I are alone.

It's very strange. I'd gotten so use to him not being around, and now he is, but I'm not sure what I can say or do around him, because I'm not 100% sure he remembers about 'us'.

"Want another beer?" I ask him. It's his third of the night, and it's kinda fun actually, since he hasn't remembered yet he doesn't actually like beer.

"I don't like beer." Damn, guess that's blown. "But, I'll have another one anyway." Well what do you know, will wonders never cease, well he can be nice, so can I.

"I could open a bottle of wine." I tell him.

"You don't like wine." Daniel says, almost like he's thinking aloud, his forehead scrunching up just a little.

"I don't not like wine, I just prefer beer." I say.

"Beer is fine Jack. Besides it's not so bad really." He tells me, smiling a little.


"Here you go." I say handing him the bottle, and sitting down beside him again. I probably should sit across from him, but I like this better, because even if he doesn't remember us, I do, and I like this closeness.

"You haven't asked yet." Daniel says suddenly, out of the blue after several moments of silence.

"Asked what?" I question, setting my beer down and turning to face him better.

"What I meant earlier, when I said I remembered enough, I know you've been dying too." He tells me, setting down his own beer.

"I... wasn't sure I should ask. But since you mentioned it, consider the question asked." I wonder what his answer will be. I hope it's that he remembers.

"I meant..." he trails, leaning in and kissing me, a soft, gentle flutter of his lips on mine that sends me into a place of almost perfect contentment for just a few bliss filled seconds before he pulls back "...this."

"You do remember." I manage to murmur, even though my brain is just a little muddled right now.

"I'm not sure I ever forgot really. Even when I didn't know who you were, I... I knew I loved you. It's why I decided to come back when Sam asked me too." Daniel tells me.

"She told me you asked her if you two had been..." I pause; I can't believe I'm having this talk with him.

"I wasn't sure... I guess I was hoping she'd confirm that it was you and not her I was with, but she just said it wasn't her." He says.

"When did you... remember?" I ask him.

"When I was talking to Teal'c about Shaur're, I... I just remembered." I am glad he did.

"Me too." Daniel murmurs, like he's reading my mind. "I love you Jack." He adds softly, leaning in for another kiss, more drawn out, but still just as sweet.

"I love you too Daniel. God I missed you." I say, pulling him to me, holding him tightly.

"I'm back, it's ok, I'm here." He promises me, holding me just as tightly.

He really is back. And God help anyone who tries to take him from me again, because I won't let them.

"Come to bed Jack." Daniel murmurs against my ear, his breath tickling the appendage, sending a shiver down my spine as I stand with him.

"It's been so long Jack. I want to make love to you." He tells me, never assuming that I'll say yes, even as he pleads with his eyes for me to do so.

"Yeah." I murmur, leading him to my bedroom. One of his old, Egyptian style bedspreads covers it now.

"Mine?" he half asks, though I am relatively certain that he already knows it is, so I don't answer, as he takes the lead, tugging gently at my clothes as we go, so that I am bare by the time we reach the bed, before disposing much faster with his own.

God... he takes my breath away, it's been so long since I've seen him like this. So beautiful.

"Come here." He orders softly, pulling me onto the bed, and I know that this time will be as sweet as the first, if not perhaps even more so.

"Oh Jack... I love you so much." He tells me, softly trailing kisses along my jaw, and down my neck.

"I love you too Danny." I whisper, sighing into his touch, as he begins to take me to new heights of pleasure, I didn't believe were possible for any living human.


He's asleep now, in my arms, snuggled against my chest his legs tangled with mine. I was right, it was as sweet as the first time, and arguably perhaps even sweeter, but it was wonderful.

I don't know if Daniel will remember everything, I hope he will, but either way, I'm just glad he remembers this, because I'm not sure I could have handled having him right next to me, and not being able to reach out and touch.

But I don't need to worry, because he does remember, and he's here, in my arms, and I am never letting him do again.

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