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Story Notes:
Set after Daniel returns in Fallen/Homecoming.
Jack O'Neill's house... Observation Deck

Jack heard the footsteps, before Daniel ever made it too the roof, but he purposely ignored them, keeping his eyes focused on the stars above.

"Hey Jack."


"Surprised to see me?"

"Maybe a little."

"It's your birthday."

"I thought you couldn't remember my birthday."

"I erm... looked it up... I didn't want to miss it waiting for my memory to decide to work."

Jack shrugged lightly.

Secretly he was pleased that Daniel cared enough to find out his birthday again, so he wouldn't miss it, but part of him was still a little miffed that he'd had to look it up, and hadn't remembered it.

"I brought you a present." Daniel offered, holding out an envelope.

"Daniel it's... a piece of paper." Jack observed, rising his eyebrow in a fashion that would have made Teal'c beam with pride.

"Read it." Daniel told him.

"A wish?" Jack asked perplexed. "You're giving me a wish?"

"One wish Jack... the wish... if you still want it." Daniel said, carefully.

"The... THE Wish?" Jack asked, eyes wide with shock.

"I was watching you... I heard... the wish is yours, all you have to do is ask." Daniel said.

Jack's eyes fluttered upwards towards the shining stars, and as if the universe was giving permission for Jack's wish, a shooting star flitted across the dark night.

"I wish I may... I wish I might... Wish upon this star to night..." Jack rhymed of lightly, his voice shaking with a slight tremor.

"I wish Daniel... I wish it all." Jack murmured.

Daniel smiled, kneeling down before the chair where Jack was seated, sparkling blue eyes gazing at him with such love, Jack was sure if he died this very moment, it would still be the happiest moment of his life.

"You have it Jack..." Daniel assured him softly, one hand reaching up, and softly pulling Jack's head down into a kiss.

Soft, and sweet, and so perfect Jack feared that even breathing would shatter the perfectness of the moment, and he would wake to find himself alone.

"I love you Jack... happy birthday." Daniel's soft voice spoke, gentle lips tracing over Jack's own like a ghost.

"I love you too Daniel... thank-you for the gift." Jack replied equally as soft as his hand ran trails over Daniel's face, taking in the beauty of his love.

Daniel smiled up at him, leaning into the caresses.

"I wish I may... I wish I might... Wish upon this star tonight..." Daniel murmured gently, his eyes blazing with love as he leaned in further, receiving Jack's lips on his own once more.

"I don't need to wish anymore Danny... You've already made all my wishes come true." Jack whispered lovingly against his lips, as he traced over them with feather light kisses, and his hands laid tender caresses over his face, through his hair, down his arms, until they found themselves lying on the floor of the deck, wrapped warmly within the other embrace, and smiling as another star shot over head.

Neither of them made a wish.

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