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Most days David was man enough to look himself in the mirror and admit he was a miserable bastard, but then he'd just shake his head, shave, comb his hair and continue right on being a miserable bastard, because he was use to it. David didn't handle change well.

It wasn't that David didn't like people, or even that he didn't understand them. The sad truth was he did understand them and liked most of those with whom he regularly interacted, but he just found most of them to be too chaotic. David didn't like chaos.

Still he should have known his life was destined to be full of both change and chaos the day he met Greg Sanders. Who was all about chaos and who had set about changing David's life without so much as asking.

At first it was small things. Greg changed the brand of coffee David bought, because he'd taken to inviting himself over for breakfast and wouldn't take anything less than the best. David didn't actually mind that, because he admitted, Greg had good taste in coffee.

Greg also changed the type of soap David bought, because the one time he'd washed his hands in David's bathroom he'd had a rash for a week and since he was *always* inviting himself over, David decided he'd rather not spend another week arguing with Greg over who's fault the stupid rash was. But these things were little things and pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Then Greg had started to change David's social calendar and standing. First by inviting other techs over to David's for breakfast with them and then by dragging David out to nights out with the techs and eventually with the CSI's. Eventually everyone was so use to his sarcasm no one even commented and everyone seemed to *like* him. Still really David had to admit it was nice and made being a miserable bastard easier, knowing he didn't have to change that and people would still like him.

Of course Greg could never be content with just changing his coffee, soap... and actually his shaving cream too, but that was a more recent change, since Greg had started to spend the night, or day as it was for them.

The first time, Greg had stayed on the pretence of being in too much pain to drive, because of an injury received in work. David had let it slid because really waking up with a warm Greg plastered to you was no bad way to wake up, even if it *hadn't* been part of the original plan. Of course waking up like that made other parts of David wake up and Greg had woken up and he had really terrible morning breath but when he was taking out David's tonsils with his tongue David couldn't honestly bring himself to care.

Except, of course, David *did* care. He cared about Greg, about if he was eating enough, sleeping enough, not drinking too much coffee or silently crying over a hard case, which David had discovered him doing once and he didn't care to repeat the experience.

So yes, David cared more than he ever had about anyone ever before and that was really the biggest change, the one that brought the most chaos and if David was feeling particularly honest he'd possibly even admit, along with being as miserable bastard, he was also damn happy.

Because there was change and constant chaos and it call came wrapped in a neat little package called Greg.

David could do change.

David could like chaos.

And maybe Greg had changed something more profound than even David had realized...

Because when he woke up one Tuesday morning (and really what sort of random day was Tuesday for life changing revelations about one's self?) he looked in the mirror, seeing his own reflection, which hadn't really changed much in the last several years and Greg's reflection behind him and he was forced to admit that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't such a miserable bastard anymore after all.

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