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"Okay," Jack said, forcing Daniel into position, pressing his thighs between Daniels and putting his arms around him, to bring his arms into position, the 9mm in his hand. "Keep your stance strong, weight evenly distributed, there will be a kickback, you'll get use to it."

"Right..." Daniel said, trying to keep his hands from shaking.

"Nothing to be nervous about," Jack said softly against his ear.

Daniel nodded, a shiver running down his spine. He wasn't nervous, he wished to god he was nervous, he should be nervous and he shouldn't be... shouldn't be feeling anything else.

"Keep your sights on the target and squeeze the trigger nice and easy," Jack said, breath tickling the hairs at the nape of Daniel's neck.

Daniel swallowed and did as instructed, trying to ignore the twisting in his gut as Jack's warmth pressed against his back and the kickback knocked him closer to him, as Jack's arms moved to hold his waist. "Easy."

"Sorry," Daniel said softly.

"You need to relax," Jack said, pressing him back into position, releasing him from the careful hold.

"I'm relaxed," Daniel said, feeling anything but relaxed, his body screaming for more intimacy, his mind screaming at the wrongness of the situation. At least he wasn't developing any *obvious* signs of... well... Jack would kill him if he knew.

"You're wound tighter than Carter when she's PMSing," Jack said. "Just take deep even breaths and try again."

Daniel did as he was told, taking in long, deep breaths as he pulled the trigger again, the kickback didn't seem as bad as he stumbled slightly, Jack catching him again. "Better," Jack praised.

"Thanks," Daniel said.

"Alright, let's give it one more try," Jack said.

Daniel steadied himself, as Jack released him. He took another deep breath and fired, managing to stop himself stumbling back.

"Not bad," Jack said, hitting the button to pull the target closer to them. "Little wide, but two of them hit the target, not bad for your first real lesson."

"Thanks," Daniel said.

"Come on, we'll leave it for today, there's a game on tonight, you wanna kick back, have a few beers, watch Boston get their asses handed to them in a sling?" Jack asked.

"I uh... I guess," Daniel said.

"Sweet," Jack smiled. "Pizza's on me."

Daniel nodded and followed him as he went to return the gun to the armoury, trying not to feel a little disappointed that the lesson was so short, while arguing with himself he was a married man and he shouldn't be feeling anything but friendship for Jack.

When he sat beside Jack later that evening, beer bottle dangling from one hand, legs stretched out along side Jack's on the coffee table, Jack's arm flung haphazardly along the back of the sofa, he still wasn't sure which side the argument had come out on. But he didn't think he'd won either way.

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