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Story Notes:
I forget now what inspired this, which is probably for the best really, lol.
She's always been a fantasy of mine... hell why wouldn't she be, she's stunning... legs up to her neck, an amazing figure, beautiful smile, so fun loving and bright, she lights up a room just by walking into it... a fantasy that turned to reality.

God knows it wasn't planned, but when she looked at me that night, more than a little drunk and so sexy. Well let's just say part of me definitely stood up and paid attention and drunk or not she didn't miss it.

It was wild... she was wild... unbelievably wild and beautiful.

Her kisses were like fire, her hands... it's like she was an octopus, they were all over me and mine were just as frenzied.

Heat, incredible heat, fire, passion, it's an incredible blur in my memory, none of it clear, but all of it unforgettable.

The morning should have been uncomfortable, but it wasn't... I was awake first, making coffee when she came out, wearing on of my t-shirts with her own skirt.

She took the coffee I handed her, drank it and giving me a kiss and with a whispered thank you was gone.

It was like it never happened but that’s okay, I know it did, and I won't forget it.

I also know it won't happen again, but that’s okay to, I got my fantasy woman for a night, how many men can say that?

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